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Which you prefer for breakfast?

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Toast with jam or marmalade

continental breakfast - croissants, sliced cold meat, cheese etc

English fry up breakfast

or a mix of those?

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I like different things on different days wiserlady, and I like all of your suggestions. I also love a 'proper' continental breakfast, having lived in Germany for a lot of years at one time. Lovely fresh crusty rolls, a selection of deli meats and cheeses, boiled eggs, jam and freshly brewed coffee. Oh and lashings of creamy butter. Almost goes without saying, for me!

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wiserlady in reply to

oops sorry i forgot to include that option - lol. one of my favourites too, croissants, marmalade, salami,

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Hmm 🤔 I Drink coffee with milk and eat a Middle Eastern cookie or I drink tea.

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wiserlady in reply to Hb2003

sounds a lot more interesting and exotic than my suggestions lol

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Hb2003 in reply to wiserlady

lol middle easterners love milk with coffee and a middle eastern cookie 😊 and of course You cant forget the tea 😊

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Cereal when at home, cooked when I'm on holiday 🥣🌈❤️

Strawberries, Greek yoghurt and walnuts.

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I like cereal a lot. But I love scrambled eggs and some ham, need more protein first thing in the morning. And of course my ramen on other days

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Yummy 😋 too bad that I don’t like American pancakes I like Moroccan pancakes 😊

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springcross in reply to Hb2003

Now Moroccan pancakes sound interesting, what do you put in them?

Like all not continental no way I usually have toast avacado banana all on the toast I like boiled egg sometimes porridge cereal

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Great question - I like shakin’ my bacon. Toast avocado & bacon. 😋

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We don't get up very early these days now we're retired so we have Brunch most days, Of either eggs benedict, or eggs florentine , my Hubby always makes them as he used to work in a hotel kitchen years ago , I'm spoilt 👍😃

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i eat porridge most days but occasionally i have eggs,grilled bacon,tomatoes,baked beans.

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I like and have poached egg with ham on toast but my all time favourite is a full English. Only have that occasionally as I'd be extremely fat in no time!

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Branflakes and decaf coffee most days. Occasionally boiled eggs and toast. I do like scrambled eggs and hot smoked salmon for a treat.

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Porridge, with toast and marmalade!

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I try to have something different for breakfast each day. The only item I would not eat at that time is....cheese.

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Continental for me, can’t eat eggs, it’s usually toast and bacon for me.

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Good morning. That's s good question and I think it depends on the time of the year for me. In the warm spring and summer days I love a continental breakfast in the garden sun coming up. Plenty of coffee. But as the weather cools porridge works. But Sundays this time of year can't beat a good fry up. Well 40 years in the building trade it's in my DNA. Stay safe happy and well all. John

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Porridge every day with a nice cup of tea.

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Hmmmmm, my go to breakfast is mashed avocado on toast with Worcester sauce.But all time favourite is a full English with black pudding, which I only have a couple of times a year.

I’ve recently discovered peanut butter and jam on toast too....using meridian peanut butter so still kid myself it’s healthier...😀😀

A little of what you fancy.

Tea is always black with a splash of lemon juice.

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I like everything as long as it is accompanied by a large cappuccino!Sopsc

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I prefer cookies with a nice tea or with croissants like a french)

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Mainly porridge with milled seeds and goji berries, or a banana on top.

Or oatiflakes with blueberries or dried raisins and cranberry mix on top

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I ate too much gluten and porridge for decades - and now I have gluten and oat intolerance.I usually eat cereal-free gluten-free buckwheat muesli, full-fat yoghurt, cream, bananas, and an orange. This is a lot of calories - but I usually only eat two meals a day. In an hotel, I would follow this with a smoked fish course and a traditional English breakfast!

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Half the year on Rice crispy type cereal , next month it's back onto porridge .On holiday it's a cooked English breakfast. 😁

Jo. 😊

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Fresh pressed coffee and Biscotti.

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(US) My go-to breakfast is 1/2cup old fashioned rolled oats soaked overnight in the fridge ( “muesli”) in 2/3 cup almond milk seasoned with a scoop of whey powder (for yummy flavor and protein). This basic recipe is so very flexible: If you’d like a warm breakfast, nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. If not, cold is very refreshing.For variety, add a bit of ground cinnamon, nuts, berries, or fruit (such as banana) before serving. Oats have soluble and insoluble fiber and lend themselves to a variety of treatments. No, I don’t own stock in any oat-related endeavor 😁. Don

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usually toast with pate, as I can't eat much sugar. For a special brunch American blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup.And I do like a hotel buffet or English breakfast, sums up being on holiday for me, having someone put an extravagant breakfast in front of you!

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margaretpaloma in reply to margaretpaloma

Oh and lots of freshly brewed coffee.

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Porridge (with fruit and seeds/nuts). Excellent for a healthy diet and to avoid gluten (that is far too present in our diets)

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I usually do a breakfast bar. But if I do breakfast for dinner I like bacon eggs and hash browns. Pecan waffles are good to.

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Hello wiserlady

I will have one of each, some eggs benedict, cream of wheat and orange juice.

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Toast sometimes, I rarely eat breakfast as I'm never hungry when I get up. Always have a cup of tea, cant drink much coffee but I occasionally make a cup of a nescafe sachet.

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