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Advice please

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BazzakReading Rabbits

I have an appointment at the Hospital on Monday, I received a text message from said Hospital a few days ago saying that my appointment will be conducted over the phone, not a problem. Just now I have a phone call from the Hospital telling me I have to go to the Hospital to have my blood taken before said appointment, I have not left the house for the last two months and not until 30th June because of NHS/ Goverment instructions and now I am being told that I must otherwise my appointment is pointless. Fyi I would need to get public transport to get there and then have my blood taken in a department that is us very busy, I said I wouldn't be getting my blood done, am I wrong ?.

Sorry using my mobile so grammar spelling probably bad.

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It depends on what your appointment is for and the relevance of the blood test. It may just be crossed wires which is very common within hospitals in my experience? Ali

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Agoodenough

ET jak2 three monthly appointment,

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Agoodenough in reply to Bazzak

Then without an up to date blood test will there be anything to discuss on the phone. That’s what I’m wondering?

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Agoodenough

So are you saying I should go to the Hospital to have my blood taken ?

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No. I’m not medically qualified in any way. Maybe call your gp or hospital and discuss the implication of not having the test if you feel you are putting yourself at risk. They might say they are happy to leave it for a bit longer or they might say the test is very important. I’d call someone and talk if through if you can.

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My argument is why am I having a telephone consultation when the blood department which they want me to go to is right next door ?

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I wonder if they think they are saving you going in to the hospital without thinking that you've got to go for a blood test anyway. You need to speak to appointments and find out what's going on.

I suspect you are right. I had to drive 40 minutes to have blood taken and then an appointment, whereas if I had been told I wouldn't get the appointment, I could have had my blood taken more locally. I acted dumb when i got there, and had a face to face appointment.

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Marnie22 in reply to Bazzak

It's probably because each department/service has its own guidelines and they want to cut down on contact - so you can (theoretically) have a telephone consultation, but a blood test needs to be in person. I have had to see my doctor in person three times in the last month (for injections,) and I have a blood test appointment for tomorrow, but all of those have been at my GP's. I am probably going to have to have an iron infusion soon and that will be at a hospital. I gather that hospitals have 'clean' and 'dirty' sections (with relation to Covid 19,( and outpatients would only ever go in the 'clean' areas. 🙂🌸😷😁

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The communication in the health service leaves a lot to be desired!

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Certainly does. It makes things unnecessarily stressful.

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My last job was in the health service and the management there were horrible and they were bullies and organisation of the place was non existent and the communication there was rubbish!

I'm glad I'm not there anymore!

Hi if you are sheilded you should deffenetly not go if it is ongoing issiues and long term not sure if life threatening though , did you tell them you are sheilded, i would phone them back if that is possible, maybe crossed wires at their end

Can you contact them to see if your local surgery can do your bloods for you? My husband needed to get his bloods done prior to a telephone appointment and the department sent us a pink form. A nurse came to the house, put PPE on while she was outside, took his bloods in the entrance hall and left, taking the PPE off when she got outside. The hospital got the results electronically. The bloods had to be taken about 2 weeks before the appointment, but the nurse said the hospital would get them in less than a week.

Iwas just going to say the same as Troilus that is what they are doing in our area. If you are in the vulnerable group you must NOT go out until the government lifts the restrictions. Please make a call to the doctor and explain but please dont go out at all. Hope all goes well and let us know how you get on. Anne xx

Me too.

My hubby is shielding and would definitely not be going for bloods or an appointment if requested. There is still a risk at most hospitals. It is just not worth it.

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Patsy10

What I don't understand is that the hematology department and blood department are 30 yards apart, if I cant go to one I should not be able go to the other, on the other hand if I'm allowed to go to one I should be allowed to go to the other. Confused I will be !!!😫

I think this is just a standed letter you have got from bloods dept they will not have realised you cant go out but your heamatologist will know you are shielded. My heamatologist appointment as been cancelled altogether until further notice even for bloods.The trouble is that different departments dont communicate enough.just ring your heamotologist up and i am sure he will say they have to be cancelled please dont worry too much about it get on the phone first thing tomorrow. Anne xx

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Lazyiamnot in reply to Bazzak

Whilst the admin and consultant department sometimes do get things wrong. I am able to say that I know someone within close proximity who is sheilding, have regular hospital appointment to have blood cheeks and transfusion within forty eight hours. Under the current Covid rules, both of the above is being done in a designated clean area separate from everyone and all other activities, within a different building. The only difference is that, the individual concern, has their own private transport. Re the former, it makes good sense, to speak directly with the admin team, as often, they do work at cross purpose, which causes confusion.

Hope this helps.

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When I went for mine, they had taken the cushions off two out of three chairs so that we had to keep our distance, and there were very few patients. Some of them didn't stay inside but waited outside the door. My consultant was all geared up with face mask and visor. I had no worries. It was my first time out from shielding and, apart from going to the hospital again the next day to take my partner, I have not been out since. I really do need to go out for a walk! In Suffolk, where my hospital is, they have a comparatively low number of cases/deaths from CV.


Can you request a Nurse from your surgery to come to you at home to take bloods explaining you can only get there by public transport which you're not prepared to do because you're vulnerable. For anyone else worried about going to the hospital for bloods, I got a call from my gp to say I need a Diabetic review over the phone but need a blood test first, I had a choice between the Practice Nurse visiting my home or the Hospital, I decided on hospital and was given a number to make an appointment for the hospital as they are only taking in one at a time and are cleaning down after each person. Might be the same everywhere but check first from your doctors or hospital.


Hi I am like you and have ET - my bloods in "normal" life are checked every two weeks at hospital - I have not been out since March also shielding so no bloods been done - so last week I had my bloods done at local GP surgery with my Hospital blood test form - it was brilliant they were well organised for shielding patients with separate entrance and room for shielding ones to use and nurse was in full PPE and I had my mask and gloves on - I will do the same again in two weeks ready for my hospital clinic appointment mid June by phone - SO do contact your GP use an econsult maybe, explain you are shielding and why and get GP advice as often nurses will come to the home too but my GP said actually the safer option for me was to go in as they are so hyper alert to the whole situation and fortunately it is only a few mins drive from home - I felt extremely confident in the care and protection there. Hope you do ok

Sounds like you have made the correct decision, but I’d be in touch with them again and ask them for further advice All the very best 💕😊🌈

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Could your go not do bloods for you? If not I'd ring hospital back and discuss with them if it's necessary at this time or can wait. They probably won't realise have to go on public transport and once know that may be able to arrange something else for you.good luck

Hi Bazzak, I think you just have to trust in your own judgment here. When you received the call, did you ask the hospital for advice, given that this was a very mixed message with regard to your appointment.? If it's deemed necessary to have a telephone appointment then surely that's because it's not safe for you to attend hospital in person and therefore you shouldn't be going there for blood tests. And particularly if you are dependent on using public transport. If you can get further advice, I'd call and ask, but otherwise go with what feels safe by staying home, and just explain the circumstances when you have your telephone consultation on Monday. If you really need to attend, I'm sure you'll be asked during that appointment and you can explain your difficulties so that a more informed choice can be made.

very good advice I need to have my blood work done but my gastro dr. said just wait I don't need to take that much of a chance of getting the virus.

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BazzakReading Rabbits

You are right , and my own judgment says I can forgo a blood test this one time. I have been attending the Hematology department every 3 months for a number of years and it's always repetitive, my platlets are 430to 480 all other bloods fine, how do I feel, fine, ok see you in 3 months. So I am not worried just confused with what I'm told and then what I'm asked to do 🙂x

Hi. I understand how you feel. In the same position myself having not been off the doorstep for 10 weeks but after 'discussing' on here I have decided to go not least because I don't want my medication stopping. It very much depends on what your blood test is for. Take advice. Don't just not go. x

Can you have your blood test done at the GP? I usually have mine done two days before phone call.

I live in Melbourne and had the same dilemma., needing a blood test at the hospital to be followed by a virtual consultation. I did go to the hospital for the blood test. Though it was busy the hospital had us social distancing, they took temperature checks and all was ok. I needed to go to the hospital pathology as they are the only ones in Melbourne that do the MRD test. However I did not take public transport. My husband drove me in. Get a taxi or get a friend to take you in . Do no go by public transport but do go for the test. Do not postpone. All the news reports are talking about people not going as frequently for follow ups for all sorts of conditions eg cancer, heart etc. The numbers are down and the medical authorities are worried that this means there will be more illness after Covid dies down because too many people are not following up with necessary tests. Don't be one of them. Good Luck

I would contact my Gp, some do house calls to administer blood tests,

Good luck. sopsx

I was in a similar situation a few weeks ago. I decided to go for the blood test. The area where I had to wait, often very crowded, was almost deserted and I saw the phlebotomist as soon as I arrived. I wore a mask the whole time.

I don’t think it’s for anyone else to tell you what to do . You must make a decision, but I’d speak to the hospital and tell them your concerns, they might be able to offer an alternative.

I am also shielding , I would phone the hospital, there should be a phone number for the department you have an appointment with on the letter, and tell them you are shielding and you are at a very high risk/extremely vulnerable category. I am suppose to had urgent scans done in April and appointment to see the consultant, but phoned them up and said that I am shielding and I am at a very very high risk of catching covid 19 and will not come to the hospital for any reason and they agreed, so I now get a phone call from the consultant once a month to see how I am and If i get worse is ring them. But we are hoping later on I will be able to have these urgent scans... Good Luck


I would definitely speak to the hospital plus your own GP. Ours are doing blood tests. I had one last week, my husband took me down , they were going to do it at the car but they always have problems getting my blood so I had to go in. She was suited and booted. And guess what, she got a hole in one. Please let me know how you get on.. Take care and stay safe Lynne

I have to go for bloods then treatment - hopefully you’ll find

that social distancing is observed - only 3 people were allowed in at a time at my Trust in Leicester, with seats 2metres apart. Staff all wired PPE. When I went for treatment again staff in full PPE and all patients wearing a mask. If you have no alternative to public transport wear a face covering sit as far away as you can from any one else and crucially use sanitiser as soon as you get off the bus. Best of luck and stay safe ❤️❤️🌈

in reply to Elt79

I was grateful to see your post mentions the fact about masks. For quite a few years there is a notice in our hematology unit that States - Please wear masks if you have a cough. There are patients who have had treatment such as bone marrow and chemo.

The two metre social distancing is an absolute farce due to the fact that air currents within any room can travel further than two metres and with experience an engineer will confirm that air currents within any room where contaminants are suspended in any room will travel all over that room with the movement of people alone.

That is the reason any ventilating engineer will be appalled that the mask rule is not identical to those countries where the compulsory mask rule for everyone is in place is not in place here........ It must be down to utter complacency which should not be tolerated in these unprecedented circumstances.

The internet is inundated with masks for sale and so it should be for every ones safety.

Hi Bazzak

I'd same problem couple weeks ago, was due phone apt with haemo and that morning has call from his secretary asking me to come in hospital to have bloods done n then he'd discuss results with me, like you I'd not been outa home since mid March so very concerned about going, secretary said OK so went along and everything was absolutely fine, temperature was taken before being allowed inside (hubby not allowed in which wasn't very nice because I'm partially deaf and rely on him hearing but haemo was lovely and just spoke louder). Only difference with me was we went by car, and not public transport so if there's any way you could attend (perhaps taxi, if you're in back seat!!!). I can honestly say my apt was fine and nurse/haemo were kitted out with ppe, also I was lucky enough that I was only patient, think only being seen if necessary (as was case with me). I would say if you've any way of getting hospital do not worry about apt because hospitals are taking every precaution.

Good luck and hope all goes well for you. Much love

Phyllis xx

The break point for me would be the need for public transportation. Can you hire a taxi? If so, then I would get the bloodwork done. If not, I would choose to stay home and be safer. Also, check to see if the bloodwork is really necessary - sometimes you can skip it and just talk to the doctor when you have extenuating circumstances

Our local hospital is not doing blood tests. They are being done at the doctors surgery. Is it possible to have yours done at your GP office instead?

I had an appointment with the Hematology department on 26/05 and they sent me a letter 2 weeks before to say it would be a telephone consultation instead, I also need an upto date blood test as since the pandemic I hadn’t been able to go to the hospital every 2 weeks for blood test, luckily I had some forms the Hematology Doctor had given me so I just made an appointment at our Doctors and they were very happy to do it for me and the results then went to the Hematology Doctor.

I have all bloods carried out at home - either via my portacath or via cannula. You could ask if this is an option.

I had a telephone consultation with the rheumatology department but my associated blood test was done by the GP. I suggest you contact the GP and make an appointment to have your blood test there.

maybe you might be able to arrange for the district nurse attached to your gp practice to come to you and take the blood test. That is what they do with my mum. Just a thought. Hope all goes well .

Hi. I had the same, i ended up going to my GP and having tests taken prior to my telephone appointment. Gloves, mask, got changed and showered as son as i got home clothes washed straight away.

Our local hospital has a scheme where for haematology you drive up to the rear of the building on a Monday, stay in the car, then the oncology nurses rather than phlebotomists come out in full PPE, with a pillow to rest your arm on. they take the bloods with you still in the car, then you drive off. Job done. If you have no access to a car, try Macmillan, they have volunteer drivers and could perhaps arrange to take you.

No you are not wrong. I haven’t had to have my bloods done for 3 months. I have a CT Scan mid June and supposed to have a Denosumab injection on the same day but there’s a 2 hour wait between the appointments, so I’m not having my injection. Plus I would have to go the day before to have my bloods done. Somehow the hospitals do not connect with departments. I didn’t have to go there for 3 months yet my scan will be within 2 months. As long as your bloods have been ok I would say it’s ok to miss one this time. In our hospital they mark our blood form so patients like us can go straight through and not wait in the waiting area as they say we shouldn’t be exposed to others that may be carrying something we may catch. Take care.

The WHO said test test and more tests...... They should have added to that protect protect protect........ With the very best mask any one can buy because 95% protection is better than no protection at all........ The protection gained from some masks is 97.4% so why on earth are we all not wearing one?

Any mask is better than no mask at all.

oh gosh....its all very perplexing,and although i have a lot of respect for the NHS i do think management has a lot to answer for,many of them think they are Gods,and also bullies .

Since we moved to Suffolk I haven’t had blood tests prior to a consultants appointment. They say they go on how you feel, unlike Buckinghamshire where I had to have a blood test. Seems to be their preference or is it to save money?

Ditto for me on Tuesday,a phone appointment.

Like you I’ve been shielding for past 10 weeks or more (lost count) & only trips out have been to hospital a 50 mile round trip for blood tests as my Rheumatology Nurse said without blood results they could not prescribe. Like you I have to go again next week as the following week is my 3 month telephone appointment from starting a new Biologic.

I was quite nervous like yourself but I never saw another person in the hospital other than 1 lady taking blood & 1 patient already there. I stood in waiting room for maximum 3 minutes & didn’t touch anything. It’s was extremely eerie with no one around but I didn’t feel scared.

Could you possibly get someone to take you in a car rather than public transport as that may be less stressful but without blood tests I doubt they can prescribe. Good luck x

I was told the hospital would send blood test stuff to my home for local nurses to come and take then send back. I live Blackpool hospital is Manchester.

Talk to doc a distric nurse can cum take blood test & check out nhs trasport. Or these nice volunteers out there .

Your own practice nurse should be able to do it and send it to hospital. Should only take a couple of days. Far less risky. I've been doing this for kidney stone monitoring.

Can't they send out a nurse to take your blood at home? That's what my rheumatologist and GP (mainly GP) have arranged for me to have once a fortnight. I'd phone your GP, explain and ask.

Ask you GP if a community phlebotomist can come to your house. I don't know if they are still doing this due to Covid but worth asking

I had a similar situation, except that my partner took the phone call and couldn't report it accurately. He said my blood wouldn't be taken in the usual place. I phoned the hospital and the young man said it would be in the usual place.

So on the day I went to the Haematology Dept. which is separate from the rest of the hospital, said I had an appointment but had to do a blood test, and was told the blood tests were being done there, in the department. So I gave my blood, sat around for a while (not many other patients) and then went to the reception to ask whether there was any change to my appointment. I was told that it should have been over the phone but then the receptionist went to have a word with my doctor, and came back to report that I could have my appointment! So acting a bit dumb is helpful when you have already driven twenty or so miles, when if it was just for blood I could have done it after a ten mile drive. That was my first time out. I had to take my partner to the hospital the next day as he had been henpecked! (in the eye).

If it's not too far for you to go, I would expect it would be set up safely. However, you should explain that you are shielding (?) and are relying on public transport. They might send an ambulance car for you or arrange for a nurse to come and take blood at your home or local surgery. Good luck. It's a case of being important but not urgent.

My Colin had to have his bloods taken so I rang my Doctor and told him I didn’t want us to go into the busy hospital department so he arranged for the local district nurse to come to the house. I put two chairs outside and we both wore masks and gloves. I didn’t even let her in the house after all Colin is vulnerable and we have been locked up for 10 weeks and NO ONE has been in the house, I am getting paranoid now that I will not let anyone over the doorstep.! His scan has been cancelled for the time being.

No , unless you have health problems, then your dr. should do it someway that you don’t have to be anywhere that is busy. Also if he, or she does can you get a ride from someone ,and wear masks.❤️

I was had the same dilemma a couple of weeks ago. I had not been out of the house and the idea of going to the hospital for a blood test was worrying. However, without the blood test, there could be no consultation (I am fortunate that I have virtually no symptoms with my PV, so it's only the blood which tells us anything and the results do vary from time to time). I found the blood clinic was very different though -I booked an appointment and it was 2 patients in as two patients came out. No waiting, no sitting. I did put on a mask -for the nurses benefits as much as a comfort blanket for me. The only difference is that I was fortunate not to have to use public transport. Good luck Bazzak.

I had a similar dilemma with my regular monthly blood test. I didn't really want to go to the Path Lab at the hospital which I normally do as I am shielding for both me and my partner who is more vulnerable than I am.

So I contacted my GP. They wouldn't send someone out to me, but they did explain the process they are using for blood tests.

You book an appointment and then turn up at the surgery, knock the door and tell the staff member you are there. You then return to your car and wait. Someone calls and asks a few screening questions and then the nurse will come out to you. She does a temperature check at the car and if all is good, she escorts you into the surgery. The nurse does any door opening required. She takes the blood and escorts you back out again. They have a 10 minute gap between each blood test appointment to allow for full cleaning of everything.

I believe this is also how my local Hospital Path Lab are doing it and you can only go there by appointment. Under normal circumstances you would sit in a queue in the waiting room obviously they don't want that.

For me this all went smoothly, so I guess your issue would be do you need to use public transport to get to the GP? If so, then I would think they should send out a district nurse. My partner had a nurse come out to him for his regular blood tests, so it can be done.

Can you have your blood test at your Drs. Surgery? Our drs. are doing this.

I had bloods taken in local health centre & even had results 24 hours later . Couldn’t you go to a local health centre for the same ?

Hello Bazzak

I agree with those above. I had my blood draw last Thursday because even though I am in remission, I thought my hemoglobin might be low. I have all ready reviewed the lab tests and all is in normal range with RBC just a wee bit low. I will go see the doctor anyway even though it will be same old, same old. Blessings.

Is it possible to have your doctor send someone from a home health agency to come and draw your blood?

Can u get a ride from family or friends instead of public transportation? I agree, it will depend upon the reason u are being seen. If it’s nothing serious, like an annual physical u might consider pushing it out a few months.

My haematology dept is out of my area. Had it been in my area I could have had the blood test at home. I had to have it done at my own doctors surgery and it wasn’t busy at all and was trouble free. Results next day and to me. The bus ride might be more trouble than the The blood test. I should check with your GP whether your surgery has the option for home blood tests. I live in UK


Why not just call your doctor, explaining about about you not having been out in response to Government instructions. Then, find out how your supposed to get your blood tested, considering the “lockdown” and and ask what they advise. If they say the tests are necessary then you could contact where the blood tests are given and find out when it is least busy to go. Your only other option may be is to cancel everything until such a time when the quarantine is lifted. I mean, this can’t go on forever, can it?😲

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Midnight-Blue

Thank you all for your kind advice, and I have decided to cancel everything as Midnight- Blue in post just above has mentioned I go every 3 months for my consultation / blood test so I dont think 1 month later will do any harm, thankyou again to you all xx

Hi - I think the hospitals are very good at isolating people- They only allow the patients in and no one else. is their no way to get there other than public transport. I have been to a hospital weekly during the Covid19 outbreak- but I do go by car.

I'm in the US and had a telephone appointment in April with blood work. I went in for the blood draw, at that time there was only 1 other patient there and they were very cautious. They were basically in lockdown then. Now though they are seeing more patients so it is more worrisome. I also drove myself. But if the blood draw is necessary there is not much choice. I would contact the Hospital and/or Doctor to find out how important it is to have it done now or if you can wait. The public transport is more worrisome to me than going into the Hospital. If it was a taxi cab it's not as bad as a bus with many people on it. Blessings and Good Luck!!

Hi Bazaak, I had a similar expereince, but I was told not to attend either Hospital or GP surgery for blood tests, as it was to tricky. I therefore arranged a private appointment to have my bloods taken. I appreciate that some people will not want to, or be able to pay for this test, You seem to have been offered the test, but transport to get it, seems to be the problem for you.. There are various charities who will provide volunteer drivers for Cancer related appointments. I have used them in the past, and I would thnk they would be available to you. Hope this helps.

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Vindicatrix

Hi Vindicatrix, Thank you for your reply,

transport was a minor problem. What confused me is that I have been told by the Goverment/ NHS to not leave my house for the last two months and recieved another msg that informed me that was the case until 30th June. I then this week I have a text from my Haematology department informing me that my consultation will be via phone call, not a problem. I then get a phone call from said department a day later to come to the Hospital to give a blood sample, now the blood and Haematology clinics are next to each other, so why can I attend one and not the other, it should be neither or both and after spending 2 months stricktly obeying the rules ( unlike some 😁) I would think it better to make a new appointment for after 30th June. Fyi my appointment are every 3 months so I dont think 1 month later would make much difference. Sorry that was a bit long winded and from my mobile so excuse spelling etc and thank you again xx

While the first part of the lockdown was on you were allowed out of the house for medical reasons -so i dont know why you didnt go then really. If you have to use public transport then it would be better to use a taxi & you wear a mask so youve not got as many people around you

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Sara_2611

When the first part on the lockdown was on I didn't need to go because I had no appointment and it isn't just me, my wife is vunerable too and and I dont think I should risk her health on a blood test for me that I think now can wait.

Ok you do whats best

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Sara_2611


Maybe discuss this with the doc and see if it is really important enough to risk catching the virus?


Have you spoken to the hospital about the district nurses coming to your home address to take the bloods? I had this service offered if travel to hospital was an issue. I have a consultation every 4 weeks. I know they may be very stretched in certain areas with the current situation. But I am sure if you explain your situation, having to travel via public transport they would try to accommodate :)

I also have health issues and have sheltered in place for two months. My MD called and said I should be seen as it was three months past my routine follow up, He carefully told me the precautions he was taking in the office to protect me but I froze about the lab. I called the lab and voiced my concerns they said they would send somebody out to the car to do the draw but also, they outlined what they are doing to make it safe should I choose to come in.. A friend is taking me. Perhaps you can call for reassurance before hand. Also. our public transportation has many rules and spaces between seats,many are duct taped off. Can you check this out? It may reassure you. Also be sure to wear a mask and gloves. I do not know where you live. I live in a small county in the Redwood area of N. California, I realize it may be harder in a large city. Hard times but it helps a little to be pro-active, Good luck

This would set me into a fit

I would be so confused

Good luck

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