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Novel use, for 'Faithful' Old Towel

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I have had to, after Many years, 'decommission' my Old Blue Towel. I wanted to give it a Good Send Off.....I have 'Stripped' my bed, then 'Remade' it, with my Old Towel between my sheets and my Mattress Protector. I also took a laxative earlier. I was rather constipated yesterday in any event, and have drunk, quite a bit too.

I DO hope, that my Faithful Old Towel, get a GOOD 'Smelly Send Off'- I think it will, I'm getting Tummy Ache now. After all, the both of us, have been Friends for a long time!

I'm off to bed now, my Bladder's filling, as well. I know that it IS a day early but....

Happy New Year Everyone.


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