Tendonitis and Weight Loss

I now have tendonitis in the Achilles on both feet. They are swollen and painful. When I get up in the morning it really hurts to walk to the loo. Things do improve when I've walked for a short distance, but it's getting started that I dread. The pain also extends over the top of my feet. I am hoping that weight loss will mitigate these problems. Some of the 'steroid' weight is beginning to come off - I lost 7 lbs without trying. So I am now on the 5:2 diet whereby I eat sparingly (up to 500 calories) for two - non consecutive - days and normally for the rest of the week. So far, so good. Has anyone else tried this? It's great to know that if you feel a bit deprived on a 'fast' day, you can have something you really like (within reason) the next day. I have rediscovered cottage cheese and find that I rather like it.

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  • Hi annodomini

    I am about to start the 5:2 diet..have had one day on 500 cals a few weeks ago but was a day on which I dropped my pred dose so rather silly to do the two together. I got through the day Ok but will start again this week. I am looking for 100 calorie meals. I found on my trial day that postponing breakfast until around 11 am was a good way to go but difficult for us with PMR as we should take the pred early in the day.

    I,d love to hear how you get on. I,ve got around 1 stone (7 kg) to lose.

  • i have a good deal more than that to lose, hanmorr. As well as the pred fat, I have let myself go over the last two years. I will be content with another two stone having lost almost a full stone so far. I have breakfast and pred around 9am. I have yoghurt and fruit with a sprinkling of Quaker Oaties which are light but crunchy so give you the illusion of eating more than you really are. Soup is a great standby for the 'fasting' days. I make my own carrot and coriander and also spicy butternut squash soups. It's quite difficult to exceed the calorie limit with soup. Weightwatchers have some nice cook books available on Amazon and I think there are some 5:2 recipes on line. Good luck.


  • Hi Anodomini,

    You may find that if you put on clogs/flip flops with an elevated heel when you get out of bed in the morning it may ease the discomfort you feel. I have done this for years since developing plantar faciatis and have not suffered since. It was recommended by a physiotherapist and it worked for me and may help you.

    Good luck


  • Thanks Tomasina. That sounds like a good tip. I will have a look and see what I've got. I have a feeling that my crocs would be quite suitable and I have a pair of fit-flop lookalikes too.

  • Hi Anodomini,

    I too am battling with Achillies tendonitis, it has got worse since I have been reducing my cortisone. Like you I hobble around first thing in the morning and things slowly improve. I have been going to see a biokineticist who has given me stretching exercises. she told me that tendon injuries are slow to heal and can take as long as a year to improve. Finding the right exercise has been process of trial and error, some of them just made things worse. I have found that doing stretches in bed before I get up helps quite a lot but that putting too much strain on the tendons with aggressive weight bearing stretches is a disaster. She also said that cortisone damages tendons and makes them brittle.

    I am going to see my Rheumy next month and will ask him if the tendonitis is a symptom of PMR or a separate condition.

    I have also read anecdotal evidence of a link between Achillies tendonitis and statins, I found this very interesting as I take Crestor.



  • Thanks Loco99. That makes sense of my problem. I hope to get off pred sometime this summer - am now feeling pretty good on 2.5. I will have a go at some stretching exercises, easily done sitting up and lying down. I feel quite fed up about this thing with my feet because I have always felt quite proud of them and now they're letting me down! I have recently decided to halve my statins dosage and take Benecol daily.

  • Could some one explain the difference between achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis? I have been having severe pain in my left heel for about three months now and I too can barely walk first thing in the morning, It gets slightly better during the day but not much. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you . Cynbil

  • The Achilles tendon goes up to the calf from the back of the heel and according to the NHS Choices web site, 'The plantar fascia is a tough and flexible band of tissue that runs under the sole of the foot. It connects the heel bone with the bones of the foot, and acts as a kind of shock absorber to the foot.' So the tendonitis goes up the back of the heel and the plantar fasciitis is under the foot. My tendons are thickened and painful especially in the morning. Hope you can get some help with your foot, cynbil. Have you spoken to your GP? A podiatrist could give you an orthotic support to wear in your shoe.

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