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Hi all, just wanted to share that yesterday I went for a mobility assessment as I applied for a blue badge. Well I thought the worst thing is they say no. But instead they requested a mobility assessment which I was dreading to be honest.

Anyway I went along to it yesterday, I was asked all about my illnesses that I had put on the application which was, PMR, RA, Diabetes and Asthma. I was asked at an average day what level my pain was on their score chart and what was the score today etc. Then they had a route for me to walk with the OT lady behind me watching how I walked and timing me. I didn't realise I was that bad lol as she stopped me halfway and said she would not make me do anymore as it was clear I was in pain. She put me in another room and fetched my mum from the original room we were in as she had driven me there. She said I was clearly eligible and she would let county hall know her outcome and they will take the £10 payment from my card details I had put on the app.

10 mins later I was home and looked at my emails as I do several times a day and low and behold they had already emailed me to say my app was successful and that they had already charged my card. I now just wait for it in the post. I am so pleased as now I can apply for a parking bay outside our home then my hubby might even take me out as the parking down our street can be bad. So I am all smiles.

Anyway as you know I got low rate care dLA a few months ago so now do I let them know about the blue badge and assessment to see if they will give me any mobility component?

Keep smiling, I am :)

Sue x

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  • Well done Sue!! Hope others will be able to have you as a precedent.

  • Great news Sue, and thanks for sharing your pleasure. You've got me smiling too. Good on you. Janimaths.

  • Good news about your Blue badge. Sorry to be pessimistic, but the Department of Works & Pensions would be unlikely to give you the mobility component because you have a been awarded a Blue Badge. The criteria are tighter for mobility component than for the badge & the DWP would only award mobility on the basis of things being worse than when you filled out the DLA forms. Worth a try & I would be very happy to be proved wrong!

  • good news will find it makes life easier .Take care

  • Awesome Sue, good for you!

  • Hi Sue,

    so well done - you deserve it and life will be a little easier for you all now.


  • Thank you all, I am really looking forward to getting out more hopefully. I am also going to apply for a parking bay at my home, just got to wait for the badge to arrive for the number etc. I am also looking (very reluctantly) to buy a mobility scooter so I can go to town in the better weather without relying on others. Don't really want to but needs must.

    Sue x

  • Hi , well done on getting a disability badge! I'm new girl on the blog and have had PMR for nearly 8 years and find all the comments really helpful, especially as am also coming down on steroids with difficulty.

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