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results with specialist

hello everyone

went to see specialist today pmr kept me on 15mls a day for two weeks as seem to suit me.

Pain is noticable in my shoulders kneck and arms legs little swollenbut i take other medications also.

on the whole feel lot better had bloods done for marker levals as now stayed down which is good.

drop again in 2 weeks so ee how it goes.

i have noticed increase in energy and sweating but coping sleeping is very infrequant but i am uo early wethr or not.

some inflammation at edge lungs but she said due to smoking nothing to serious. A Great relief i have given up.

i hope it may help some you to persivere am sure they will get correct balance for you.

i do get little blurred vision but my eyes not good wether or not. please keep in touch your progress it helps us all love jinnyxxxx

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Hi Jinny

Glad to hear you're feeling better and the signs are good. The blurry vision may be due indirectly to the steroids. They increase the sugar in your blood and your body compensates for this by retaining a bit more water to try to dilute it. What happens then is that the curvature in your eye changes and you get a bit of blurred vision. If you try to keep your intake of carbs down it might help. (not much fun I know)



Hi Jinny glad you are doing ok. I had the blurred vision too but it has improved as I dropped lower on the Pred. I hope things go well for you as you travel this difficult path. I am down to 8mg of pred and struggling to get any lower at present (been on 8mg for 3 months now). So good luck and best wishes to you :)


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