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Feeling of tightness / banding across stomach


Has anyone who has GCA and are in prednisolone experienced this? It’s uncomfortable rather than painful. Feels like deep abdominal muscles are contracting....worse at night and when lying down.

Wonder if it’s anything to do with prednisolone or GCA itself?

Have the usual feeling of being unwell, insomnia- but this is new to me. Am taking the usual omeprazole for my stomach.....

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Is it a painful cramplike feeling?

Pritch60 in reply to SnazzyD

Yes I suppose it is... but it doesn’t seem to disappear very quickly... not like cramp in a foot or something.

SnazzyD in reply to Pritch60

Are you sure it isn’t wind making a move because the abdomen is no longer constricted by posture? Omeprazole made me very windy.

Hi, ever since my extreme indigestion, when I ended up in A&E, I have had what might be similar. Best way I can describe it is as if someone has attached a string between each side of bottom of my rib cage, and pulled. Find it occurs mainly on waking up, and is soon relieved by sitting upright.

It was present when in A&E, who were happy to release me with no heart issues. Spoke to the doctor about it as was present for much of the day afterwards, (2/10 pain ) he seemed unconcerned, suggested a chest wall inflammation and just to take paracetamol. Since then as I said above tend only to get on waking and for short periods.

I think it may be related to GERD, gastric reflux etc. It’s on the list to discuss with doctor next time I speak to him.

I know the sensation you mean. I had it yesterday. I eventually got relief after eating scrambled egg, as if it coated and soothed the lining of my upper abdomen.

When I get up I have my initial dose of Adcal - D3 , with a banana, so perhaps that is soothing my stomach, and stopping the sensation.

Thanks all for ideas... nice to know others have similat

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