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Help needed: a question for gardeners


I have been waiting for weeks for 'Off-Piste' Day.

I don't know the name and all my other contacts cannot recognise it. Spent an age on the net as well............zilch. No, it is not in my garden (wish it was) but the lady is over 70. Ideas welcomed.

Not the peony, I gave her that plant when I divided them a couple of years ago.

PS:I am going to be naughty and post another of photo which lifts my heart each time I open the front door.

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Looks a bit like an Azalea, I had in another life. I am so appreciating flowers - like never before. Little gifts.

Snap, they were the first I checked, but could not get a match with the leaves. Going to have another go later. Ta muchly.

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You could try one of the Plant Recognition Apps - I’ve not used one one so can’t say how reliable they are.

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Would love to - but I have an antique Nokia and I love it -.............. does nothing except in and out and texts.

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Looking at leaves wound say miniature rhododendron (same family as azaleas) - but the length of stalks and flowers don’t look quite right!

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I have tried both the Rhodis and Azas - but cannot match the leaves of the height - it was in the garden when they bought the house nearly 6 years ago now and it has never grown upwards. I might just have to send a photo to MD and see..................

Is it a bush or individual flower stalks that have spread? Almost looks like a type of bee balm. Beautiful!

Low growing bush - bit spindly.

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Your link had an 'ask a question' so I did and they said from the phot which was not a good one they were inclined towards Azaleas - so as I said below: 'squiffy' eyed. I also discovered those plants are over 15 years old.

Scrape myrtlexx

I usually default to salvias when I don't recognise a plant, because there are so very many of them. But I don't think this is one,as salvias generally flower later in the year.

Looks beautiful. Hope someone can tell you what it may be.

Best wishes


PS: could do without this wind, which is wreaking havoc with our beautiful clematis (plural!).

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Clematis, roses back and front...........peonies and oh dear, fingers crossed my Mahonia which I have spent 8 years growing it as a standard. Gusts recorded at 50mph at times and this is the third day. I now have a carpet of wisteria blossoms along the front path.

Despite much peering at photo, I can't identify it. If you know what sort of soil it is growing in that would reduce search by type in RHS site etc.

My thumbs are brown....but...bee balm was the first thing that came to mind although I'd only seen it with a single blossomed on top....but I Googles images...and there it is, I think. I would just name it Beautiful!

I would have said a small azalea/rhododendron we have similar in the garden just finished flowering in Cornwall.

Is it a kind of phlox? Can't see enough of the foliage to be able to tell .

At last, Azaleas is the answer. Found them both from comments on here. Mind I am now squiffy eyed.......................... a big THANK YOU to all for your help and interest.

you just beat me, I thought azalea too

almost 100% sure its an azalea !

Azelia, this is their bloom season.

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