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Resurgence of pred side effects

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I started on 60 mg of prednisolone per day at the end of July 2017. From then until I got down to about 15 mg I had various side effects, but they mainly seemed to fade away as I reduced further. However I'm now down to 5.5 mg and find that some of the side effects are starting again. These are hot and itchy legs especially at night, sensitive teeth, blepharitis in my left eye, insomnia and ravenous hunger. I admit that our current bizarre and unsettling way of life might have something to do with the last two - too little activity and nothing much to think about apart from food. Well, my fingers are crossed that my legs and ankles don't swell up again - no signs of that so far thank goodness.

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Hello. Some people on the forum had noted increase in allergy/sensitivity reactions at these lower doses. I found when my adrenal function was still a bit low I wanted to eat sugary and salty food. I did increase my salt intake slightly from next to nothing but only gave myself a very small amount of carb as I still put on the weight quite happily. Have you had your blood sugar checked recently?

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No, I haven't had my blood sugar checked for a while. Something to think about when things become more normal I suppose.

Not sure I would wait. High blood sugar can cause a lot of problems - (voice of experience). Probably worth checking.

I started on 40mg for GCA, end of 2016, and developed diabetes very quickly. Down to 2.5mg now, but still diabetic. (Though my blood sugars have been much better recently).

Thanks for the advice. I know that last time it was checked it was within the normal range. It's hard to know how to go about having routine matters like this checked out at present, but I will keep what you say in mind.

My high blood pressure, Glaucoma, Cataracts, retinal haemorrhage we’re all diagnosed at low doses. I assumed it was a cumulative effect. Have a thorough eye check when you are able. I think your assessment is probably right too - especially the appetite and time to dwell. It’s also hot and the pollen count is high.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to SheffieldJane

Had you been having your eye pressures checked the whole time? Just wondered

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SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Yes, this is all new. I have been paying for thorough checks. My eyes have often felt strained and sore. Nothing was found at all until February. My Optician is well equipped. My ophthalmologist appointment was cancelled - March.

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How strange - maybe it is a normal progression rather than the pred itself.

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SheffieldJane in reply to PMRpro

Yes, my paternal grandmother had a lot of eye issues and eventually lost her sight, she also has MS. I sometimes wonder how she was diagnosed in those days. Incidentally, she was one of the most positive, interested women I have known. A hard act to follow.

I had a thorough eye check including eye pressure at the end of February, good timing given the circumstances. Everything was fine so I'm not too worried.

Regarding the pollen count, I am taking an anti-histamine every morning. I know my susceptibilities that way, especially given the lovely, but pollen-ridden trees just outside my windows.

I think I will start taking them too. I am sneezing and itching. Much more prone to these allergies. To top it all eczema has appeared on my wrists from all the 20 second hand washes. Unfortunately you have to take the soap you can get. Such is life, as my mum used to say.

I've got badly chapped knuckles from the hand washing. My sister advised me to apply Vaseline overnight and it seems to have done the trick.

Thank you! I will try it. Great tips.

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Especially if you put on cotton gloves on top - saves being messy too

I get itchy legs ( use Avenocream) - more walking less eating for me in crisis - plenty of reading and crafting too

I find Aveeno products very effective too, although it annoys me that without cutting the container in half, I'd end up wasting half the contents (though this goes for numerous other products too). I was taking a very early walk at the start of the lockdown but I've now been told that my pred+methotrexate regime means that I am in the shielded category, so meant to stay in at all times. Thank goodness for my balcony is all I can say. I can't honestly say that I'm eating less. I'm reading a lot, mainly rereading of old favourites. As for crafting, I found that I couldn't get my brain round anything complicated, so I'm working on knitting a fairly boring baby blanket for the next acquaintance to announce she's pregnant. My sewing mojo has woken up after a couple of years I'm glad to say. I started by making myself some face masks which are now redundant, then four shoulder bags which will be Christmas presents. Again I wouldn't tackle anything difficult but I should have a pile of bags and aprons once we're through this.

Hi we are knitting teddies for our hospital and dementia blankets and making premature baby quilts - info on line if you fancy trying that

I make a lot of stuff for Knitting for Peace - in fact the blanket might go to them in the end. I have a bag full of items for them which I meant to deliver in person to them, as they're a bus ride away from me... Before the end of the year I hope!

Yes - by Christmas! We Knit for Peace too - I am keeping a diary for Suffolk Archives and Saffron Walden Museum about Life in Lockdown too - illustrating with pictures shared by our WI group

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