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On a positive note- research ongoing and 400,000 people signed up to help others....


Research is still ongoing with research and pharma groups partnering up.


Not everyone is acting stupid...some are trying to help the vulnerable...by the 5.30pm news, radio reported 401,000 volunteers.


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And necessity having been the mother of invention - here are two ongoing developments from my region:


The top image is how to make a high grade protective mask from a scuba mask and the lower one is an adaptation of the polycarbonate masks we see in workshops. Sorry the text is in German.

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I sent the link re the masks to my grandson - in his final year of electronic engineering- he had a quick look only, as he’s working on his final project, but it did interest him very much. He’s currently building a robot.

That’s really interesting. It’s actually a mask with attached snorkel for snorkelling rather than a scuba mask for diving, the main significance being that there will be a lot more of them around and presumably available, and also relatively cheap. They started appearing in beach resorts around Europe a few years ago. Most of us actual scuba divers ridiculed them a bit at the time but non diving people seemed to like them, and they will give much more protection to the face than a normal scuba mask would. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to use them as face protection but it makes a lot of sense. There will be loads of them around.

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That's the point. Sorry - I think I mis-typed, should have been snorkel mask.

I’m still a bit sceptical about them (as snorkelling equipment) to be honest so I imagine there will be lots sitting around in cupboards ready to go! 😉

More about the snorkelling mask developments - in English if anyone is interested.


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