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Could eating a Persimmon fruit each day be contributory to reducing my inflammation?

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say that I have taken to eating a Persimmon (Sharon fruit) every day for the last 6 weeks and it is the first time in a year that my blood levels have been normal. Do you think this is just a coincidence. Am on 3.5mg of Pred at the moment. Ever hopeful x

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They do contain antiinflammatory substances but after a year it is more likely that the underlying activity of the autoimmune disorder has fallen enough for 3.5mg to be enough to manage the inflammation. But who knows!

You may have struck gold! I would stick with your regime, your body loves it.

Fingers crossed!

probably coincidence ... We eat them all the time, they are now ( winter) in season and readily available, but I have not noticed any impact on PMR. Never the less, they are excellent source of vitamins and fibers.

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