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GCA and black outs?


Hi I'm new to this forum. Dx with pmr April this year. CRP 106. 20mg prednisolone. Worked well so slowly down to 7mg by beginning of November when all symptoms came back within days. then fell over but thought nothing of it. Following week started to feel really unwell. Husband found me unconscious on bedroom floor. Couldn't bring me round so called for paramedics. Apparently I was out for 10-15 mins. Admitted to hospital for 3 days. No problem with heart. Consultant thought that I had GCA and that was the cause of black out. Also thought the fall the week before could have been a black out as well. Have now temporarily given up driving. No visual disturbances. Now back on 20mg prednisolone. Had anyone else experienced this.?. Have doc appointment this morning for crp blood test

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Hi I had a black out (never had one before) it was about a month before going to doctor and being diagnosed with PMR/suspected GCA it was quite a shock. I was diagnosed in May, shall have to be careful as I am currently on 7.5mg pred down from 40mg. Are you having any temple symptoms?


Do you know what tests they did? Did they do brain scans to rule out a TIA/ministroke?

To reduce from 20mg down to 5mg between April and November is pretty fast - what a shame you've had to go back to 20mg though.

This sounds very alarming,it sounds like GCA,l hope that the higher steroid dose will ease your symptoms ,take care and please let us know how you get on x.

Giant Cell Arteritis affects the large vessels including those that serve the head; inflammation in the brain can cause many neurological symptoms; certainly a possibility that the disease caused your blackout.

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