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PMR and new friend PsA

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Hey guys!

Diagnosed with PMR in February. Been on prednisone since. Constantly trying to reduce. Rheumatologist appointment yesterday showed that my C-reactive protein has doubled.... although it’s great to have validation of my pain, I’m worried about my new diagnosis. PsA, and it’s prognosis and treatment.

I guess one could have both, and as I’m 51... PMR always seemed not quite right.

Looking forward to hearing from someone!

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Hello. Welcome to the site. I hope like most of us you’ll find it really useful. Those who are experienced will be along soon but in the meantime it’ll help them if you give a bit more detail about your symptoms, how they developed and what your medication doses have been on.

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Of course. Have been experiencing joint pain for many years. Have been on narcotic meds for decades for back pain. Last year due to horrible knee pain I saw an orthopedic and had X-ray and Mri. Knee riddled with arthritis, and started to have pain in all joint. My primary ran a ton to blood work, and other than inflammation, nothing showed up. In excruciating pain, I was finally able to see a rheumatologist. Diagnosed me with PMR. Unusual for my age.... put on prednisone. Now 8 months later, my C-reactive protein has doubled to 27. Increased my prednisone to 15. And thinks I may also have PsA. As I’ve had psoriasis and swelling. The prognosis doesn’t look great and the treatment, methotrexate is scary.

Hmmmmm? No idea, but I wish you the very best! Either way you're dealing with a lot, aren't you! All the best!

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I've already replied to you on patient so won't repeat it here. Except to say that there are quite a few people on mtx here though probably fewer with PsA.

And actually - PMR at 51 is perfectly possible! I was 51 when the symptoms started and there are quite a few who were in their early 50s when PMR reared its head.

What makes you think the prognosis doesn't look great? It isn't much different from any other inflammatory arthritis and the biologics are a real game changer.

This is a US charity:

but there are also UK ones.

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Thanks. I suppose it’s who I talk with. PMR can go into remission, and possibly be able to get off prednisone. And was told that PsA will require constant meds and usually doesn’t have stages of remission.

Soaking up all the info I can! And back on 15 of prednisone has helped..

And of course, most importantly.... my rheumatologist “said so”. 😐

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When I think of poor prognosis I do tend to think of early death or severe disability - and that need not be the case. But yes, I suppose it isn't as positive as PMR - although that said, I still have PMR after 14+ years...

Some people get on with Methotrexate quite happily too. Try it and see.

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Thanks! 👍

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