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GCA. Just woke up this morning and as I was lying there (face upward) I suddenly had a very piercing pain in my right eye. When I looked in the mirror my eye was completely blood shot! Have been on Predisnolone for nearly three years now with a couple of "flare ups". Now down to 7.5 mg a day. Have not had headaches. Has anyone who has had GCA had similar? Could this be a sign of GCA?

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Hmmmmmm? I have no idea. I'd call the doctor though... or Ophthalmologist. Good luck, I hope it's NOTHING!

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suracon in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Went to my GP who arranged for me to see eye specialist at our hospital who in turn rang me straight away. Lots of tests and it appears all is well though I now have a far worse bloodied eye tha before and woul do well in a horror film.

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Hmmmmm? I had a really bad bloody eye several weeks ago and realised I had (stupidly) used my facial cleansing brush on my eyelids and all around my eyes! Even thought it felt good, it apparently was too much motion/circular movement around the eyes... it broke some major blood vessel! Oddly, I had no pain, though...

I am happy your were given the "all is well" news!!!!!! Thank goodness.

If you haven’t already, get yourself to a competent doctor, or better still A&E. There maybe an innocent explanation but we cannot take chances. Good luck!

Hello, it is most likely a little bleed from the Pred weakened blood vessels on the surface of the eye. Usually it’s from rubbing the eye or sneezing, bending over a lot which raises the pressure in the eyes. In 18 months I’ve had at least 10, when my eyes became dryer on Pred, though there are autoimmune conditions that cause dry eyes. It shouldn’t affect your eyesight, and not be painful. If you get it checked at the optician they can see if you have other problems or just need some false tears.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Doubt it, more likely to be as SnazzyD advised. But if in doubt, get it checked, then at least your mind be be at rest.

My mum used to get that regularly Dr said nothing to worry about. Not on pred but warfrain.

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No, not GCA, it is most likely a superficial blood vessel that has broken and bled onto the surface of the eye. Looks far more dramatic than it is. If you are worried go to an optometrist or the GP. It will fade slowly over the next few days. Sunglasses time!!!

Don’t gamble with your eyesight.

Without wishing to cause alarm, the same thing happened to me a few years ago (before my PMR diagnosis). It turned out to be an inflammatory condition called iritis that can cause blindness if not treated promptly. I had it repeatedly over about 4 years but (touch wood) I haven’t had it for a while. Main symptoms were piecing pain and sensitivity to light.

I asked my rheumatologist if these inflammatory conditions are connected. She said there’s no evidence but it does seem rather strange.

Good luck in getting sorted. X

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Paula-kent

Are your doctors sure about your diagnosis of PMR? Uveitis/iritis is associated with several rheumatological disorders including anklylosing spondylitis and other spondyloarthropathies - which can present just like PMR and also respond to pred - as well as rheumatoid arthritis. So your rheumy's response seems a bit strange!

There is also a report in the medical literature of PMR presenting as uveitis.

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Paula-kent in reply to PMRpro

I made a point of talking about my whole medical history in case there was a connection and it helped them diagnose.

Ill read up on the conditions you mention and ask some more questions next time I see someone.

Thanks for your advice.

That happened to me a few months ago, I looked as if I were preparing for Halloween. It slowly went away, but looked pretty horrible at the time as there was virtually no white showing.

I get these often, it was worse when on higher pred dose, but I've had the broken blood vessel problem a lot longer than PMR. My eye doctor told me to use eye drops. I get a kind with no preservatives. They seem to help make the bloodshot look go away in a couple of days, rather than a week. I also use them if my eyes feel dry, or if I feel discomfort which does often signal potential broken blood vessel again!

By the way, if the person who told me about little bottles of preservative free eye drops with a high tech lid, is reading this, what's it called? I looked it up, found out it is available in Canada, but stupidly did not then write down any more information, so can't actually find it, or know what to ask for at the pharmacy as I've not seen it on the shelves. It would save wasting so much plastic when I have to use those only good for a few hours tiny vials.

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Karin147 in reply to HeronNS

Could it have been Hycosan Eye Moisturiser 7.5 ml? It's available at — I put it in my cart at the time but never actually ordered it...

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HeronNS in reply to Karin147

That's a pretty good guess but I don't think so. The original exchange on here was about artificial tears, I guess, as that's what I use.

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HeronNS in reply to Karin147

Actually, I think it's this:

The new technology of the bottle is what intrigued me. Less plastic waste!

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I have just been told by Ophthalmologist to use Hycosan Extra (lubricating eye drop for severe dry eye) daily... for "Dry Eye."

Two thumbs up.

I was diagnosed with PMR in Nov 2017 - started to reduce Pred from 30 - 10mg around New Year - then feeling unwell, severe headache and all other symptoms of GCA Jan/February 2018. Before diagnosis I too woke up one morning with bloodshot eye. GP immediately referred me to hospital - blood pressure had also increased. The eye cleared within couple of weeks - GCA another matter with eventual referral to rheumatologist.

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