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GP training - and polymyalgia rheumatica (and other musculoskeletal disorders)


This link was posted on the lupus forum today. Polymyalgia rheumatica is mentioned by name. So new GPs should have heard about it - but how much in-service training mention is there?

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

If only, if only, if only - one day perhaps in an ideal world!

For now being selfish I would like more joined up thinking and awareness of musculoskeletal problems!

And - not a mention of involving the patient in the decision making process especially as people with these long term conditions often become very well informed about their condition and its treatment. Or are those guidelines on a different training page............

Good there is a mention...long time coming?

I have been interested to note that medical folks, including alternative medical practioners, are becoming more and more aware of PMR and GCA.

Good for us!

jinasc in reply to Purplecrow

nearly 11 years hard work by loads of volunteers who have managed to raise the profile and get more research etc.

Some post on here, the ones MB call 'Aunties'.

and PMR GCA Uk who run this thread.

Purplecrow in reply to jinasc

You are correct.

I know the "wise ones" on this forum have been my primary source of information regarding PMR.

They have worked tirelessly to maintain a safe, accurate, and constantly evolving fount of information for us.

I thank all of you for for your experience and expertise.

Had to smile at a lot of what we have been saying for years!......especially don't judge on negative results if....but will the arrogant ones take much notice......oh dear I am sounding so much like my cynical husband........


You're not cynical. You are not afraid to say as it is. There are arrogant ones, who love the money and prestige (as a doctor) but hate the patients /some patients whatever reason. That's the truth.

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