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Wow getting red hair to warn bad news to stay away is certainly working. Saw osteo surgeon again today regarding the initial hip pain and looked at all scan and MRI results. Seeing as I had a bone marrow transplant and radiation 27 years ago, which made me post menopausal, I have really good bones for my age and..... looking at the big picture made the osteo suspect pmr. When I told him that's what my GP has concluded he was glad that he didn't have to persuade my GP to take this seriously. So nice to have everyone on the same team. I'm sure it's the red hair 😎

6 Replies

I am getting red hair now! ❤️

So far so good in warning bad news to steer clear 😂

Your beautiful red hair just makes me smile!! Maybe I need to give it a try next time I visit the hair might give me some good luck too!!

Love it! Jerri


Singing from the same hymn sheet? Wonders will never ceases...

wonderful!!!! I'd do the red hair... but FINALLY got it natural after 50 years of I'll just IMAGINE I have red hair. Your's looks terrific. You look terrific!

Gotta love a woman that is brave and goes for it. It looks great on you!

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