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Curious about new TMJ symptoms with PMR new diagnosis 10 weeks

This TMJ is annoying. It is loud a click with each bite and is painful the next day due to inflammation I’m sure.

I must be careful now how chewy my food is. Geese.. What is up with this?

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I just have PMR and have had a very loud crack from left jaw whenever I open my mouth to eat since just before diagnosis (nov17). Not nice for those next to me. My Dr not at all concerned (and jaw stiffness put down to pred). Dentist checked and all seemed fine to him. With the tinnitus too, I am my own one man band. I empathise!


🤣 that’s funny Pongo, that’s the spirit!

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Call me a prime panicker but if I had those jaw symptoms along with a PMR diagnosis, I would be hyper vigilant for any other symptoms that might point to GCA, like a new severe headache or any visual symptoms. Then I would be headed to Accident and Emergency pronto.


Hi Leilagirl. I have had a clicky TMJ for many years following removal of two wisdom teeth under general anaesthetic. It does cause occasional problems such as jaw pain and the click can be annoying to others. One sure way to spark off a problem is to try to take a bite with mouth too wide, eg a triple burger. I now eat more dainty snacks. Over last Christmas I had an increase in shoulder ache, fairly severe headaches, poor sleeping pattern and constant yawning that over extended the TMJ causing jaw pain. This combination led to a rheumy appointment with a suspicion of GCA. Subsequent diagnosis - headache caused by sinus infection, shoulder ache due to reducing from 4mg to 3.5mg too quickly, and dodgy TMJ. Prescription - nasal spray, increase pred to 4.5mg, and better sleep pattern. All now fixed, but better safe than sorry!


Thank you. Glad all is better!


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