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Period problems

Since I started my Pred treatment for PMR, starting at 30 mg, now at 17,5, I have had a strange pattern with my period. Excuse me, all you men out there. I have had a lot of spotting in between and suddenly my period starts earlier than before. Is this the Pred doing it? Or can it be my changed diet, now trying to stay off carbs?

I know many of you may have passed your menopause, but I thought I ask anyhow.

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Any unusual bleeding in between periods ought be looked at really. What age are you?


47. I get a small bleeding by the time of my ovulation which I have never had before and then there is shorter time between my periods.

It could of course be my menopause starting but my mother had it after 50 so that should be my case aswell.


This is second whipped my message away. I wondered if you were entering menopause. I had all sorts of cycles for about 6 years from about 45-6. No period for a year then a 23 day period. Stopped for 3 months then a 27 day one. Stopped for 18 months then started "normal " period day after brother had heart think stress made a difference. Finally all over by 54. Hurrah!!!


Well, the run up to menopause, the perimenopause, can cause all sorts of odd patterns and can last for years before the actual menopause. Some people do get spotting at ovulation. As it’s newish, I would get it checked out to cross off other causes and make sure you are up to date with your cervical smear check (Pap test).

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Maybe you're right. I should get it checked. It is so strange though that this appears right at the time of my Pred and diet starting point...


This could be peri menopause. The slightly erratic way our body signals the shortage of hormones. This happened to me in my early 40’s with a lot of moody bear symptoms. I put the relatively early onset down to the radio iodine treatment that I had undergone for Graves Disease. Discuss it with your doctor though. Plagues of Job or what?


Menstrual cycle changes are listed as a known side effect - it messes up the hormones which is what also leads to the hair growth changes amongst other things.

But as Snazzy says - needs checking out just in case. Not least because PMR can (rarely) be a symptoms of other nasties.


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