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PMR first anniversary

A year ago today my GP and I recognised almost at the same moment that my symptoms indicated PMR. With an ESR at 91 and a CRP of 24 I googled my symptoms and it came up with PMR. Needless to say I had never heard of it.

The prednisolone didn't have the immediate magic effect but after three days at 50mg I felt like I had my life back. Some months later I was able to drive my pony in his carriage again.

Now at 7mg daily I still experience a lot of pain and am still concerned about pains in my jaw and face. My ESR is now 9 and my CRP 5, but every day is a struggle and a worry.

I'm so grateful to this forum for all

the good advice and support without which I would feel very alone and scared, so here's to the next twelve months and maybe I will get this horrid life changing illness back in its box, who knows!


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Have you tried raising your dose a bit? It took me over 4 years to get below 10mg, 5+ to get below 8mg. Pred is not your enemy - use it as you need for quality of life. After over 8 years, more than half of it at between 10 and 15mg and a few months at 20mg I am not spontaneously disintegrating - there is no evidence of pred side effects.

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I have been trying to follow my doctors instruction to taper from7.5mg to 6mg since November, even knowing it wasn't likely to be possible. I will be seeing a different doctor from now on, I can't cope with the pressure of failing!

I think a rise in dose is indicated Toget these pains under control


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