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Not so NICE for GCA? - Fantastic response from patients!

New drug for GCA?

Just a month ago (18 December) we posted about the decision of NICE not to approve Tocilizumab (actemra) for GCA. The next stage will be on Tuesday, when NICE will consider the submissions from consultation. We are thrilled that no fewer than 20 patients took the trouble to register on the NICE website to post their comments. It's so moving to read them. All of these will be considered on Tuesday. We hope it will really make a difference! Thank you all so much for your support. Especially as Christmas and New Year fell smack in the middle of the four weeks' consultation period! We'll post again as soon as we know the result. We will be in Manchester to represent PMRGCAuk on Tuesday, and maybe there will be some other GCA patients there too. Please keep your fingers crossed!

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Hi Kate,

I hope the meeting goes well next week. It is encouraging that a good number of patients submitted their comments to NICE. Let's hope that the patient voice makes a difference. I posted my comments in a bit of a rush on the final day for submissions and forgot to mention that I was a member of PMRGCAuk, as I had intended to do.

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So pleased that so many made a submission. All the best for Tuesday.


I was more than happy to submit my comments to NICE as I feel very strongly that their recent decision not to approve (in other words pay for) Tocilizumab for GCA neither right or fair. I want to offer my support to this cause in whatever way I can. Good luck at the meeting next week and I look forward to hearing the outcome


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