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Differing blood pressure

Hi Sheffield Jayne, I am new to "posting" but happened to notice your comment about differing blood pressure. I had a first visit to a Rheumatologist about 4 weeks ago, and after having a confirmation of PMR, he also diagnosed GCA. However, during the examination he noticed my pulse in my right arm was a lot weaker than in my left arm. As a result he checked my blood pressure in both arms and found a significant difference between the two. I have since had an ultrasound scan and am awaiting the results. As I have had two heart attacks in the past, with 4 stents being inserted, I presumed that this difference in blood pressure was due to an inefficient heart. I will follow your progress with interest. Good luck

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Even some doctors are not alert to the fact that this is a significant diagnostic pointer. Is this your first post maxgarry? If so hello and welcome! You must be reeling with your recent diagnosis!

I am awaiting an ultrasound scan. The Aortic Valve Stenosis was picked up during an MRA scan. Possibly indicating the presence of inflammation in the Aortic Valve.

I hope your ultrasound doesn't show anything untoward, but at least they are on to it. I won't ask about stents yet, or heart attacks.( Too scared).

Your Rheumie sounds on the ball!

Stick with us and let us know how you progress!

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I information is power isn't it and also to share that information on here I'm sure will be so helpful to others. Obviously a difficult time for both of you and prayers and thoughts for your future treatment and progress. Best wishes Jackie x

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One of the rare differential diagnoses for GCA is something called subclavian steal syndrome - where there is a stenosis in the subclavian artery. It too shows up as different BPs in right and left arms. So no, not just heart.


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