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Pain in hands

I have had Polymyalgia and GCA for 4 years. I and down to 2mg pred reducing at half a tablet each week then staying on that dose for 4 weeks. I have had a lot of body pain the last few months with cervical spondylitis added to the mix. My question is can Polymyalgia affect the hands? In the mornings my fingers are stiff and painful. The middle finger on left hand is painful at the base on movement, also three fingers of my right hand feel painful and I can't grip anything. I also have pain on the inside of my right knee. All of these get better as the day goes on. Can these all be put down to Polymyalgia?

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I used to get electric shock type pains in my hands and sometimes my fingers would lock and be stuck for moments at a time. I thought it was Arthritis but it seems to have gone and I'm on a lower Pred dose.

My knees have been troublesome, swollen and sudden shooting pain ascending the stairs. I think that is wear and tear but I saw swollen knees and pain as a PMR symptom in a research document yesterday.

Unfortunately PMR doesn't mean we don't get the usual wear and tear for our age group. I've got Cervical Spondilosis too, quite badly according to x rays. Nothing has been worse that PMR though.

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OMG. I have been getting my fingers locking up and kind of painful as well as soreness at the base of my left thumb. I thought it was coming from pinched nerves in my neck. It's so interesting to finally here other PMR experiences!


PMR can affect the hands - the Leeds research group looked at it and decided that yes, PMR can affect hands and feet whatever some doctors may say to the contrary! Mine was bad in my hands and feet - and after about 6 months on pred it disappeared. I occasionally get similar pains - as SJ says, sharp stabbing pains in fingers and the bases of my thumbs hurt. They are often the first sign of a flare for me.


I have had awful hand pain and lack of grip since having PMR. I was also experiencing the electric shock, tingling sensation mentioned. I was tested for carpel tunnel syndrome and declared a suitable case for surgery. Now I am down to 5mg these problems have disappeared apart from at the end of a long active day. I am thankful that the surgical referral got lost in the system as I have probably escaped surgery or at the least postponed it.


I started on Pred April 2016. I never had any problems with my hands until then. My hands are numb and tingly and stiff when I try to make fists. I can't pick things up . Everything falls on the floor. Also when typing these replies I seem to "double click" on letters. Very irritating. I am down to 3.5mg of Pred but my hands have got no better. I am going to Leeds GI on Tuesday to have tests done


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