Your chance to play Santa Claus 🎅

Hi everyone,

As you will soon be thinking about Christmas shopping (or maybe trying not to) can I bring your attention to how you can raise money for the charity - at no extra cost on your part.

If you shop online via Give as you Live ( various companies from Amazon to Tesco’s via M&S and John Lewis will donate a percentage of your spend to PMRGCAuk.

See link from charity’s page.

Go on, have a look, you know it makes sense! After all, in the end you are helping yourselves.

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  • Thank you, DL..I am definitely going to buy all my Christmas gifts thru giveasyoulive...I have to buy everything online, anyway, as all the gkids live out of town.

  • Thank you Dorset lady I have signed up to do this. Great suggestion.

  • Very good idea, thank you.

  • 👍x

  • Good idea. Thanks for sharing x

  • Dorset lady I have just made my first purchase using “giveasyoulive”on Amazon and hope to do regular Sainsbury’s as I have an online delivery every week. Small amounts but it will add up. Great excuse for going on a spend!

  • Does this work in the USA also?


  • Hi,

    Probably not, unless you can purchase from a UK site. I’ve had a quick look at the Give as you Live site and it doesn’t say anything about overseas purchases. I send an email and ask.

    All the charities seem to be UK based and so are the suppliers. You may have a problem then paying with a nonUK credit card, some companies are more stringent than others.

    Having said that my daughter has purchased something from Amazon’s UK site successfully and she lives in New Zealand.

    I suppose you can only but try, but good of you to think of it.

  • Hi again Khan,

    Please see response from company -

    “Thank you for getting in touch.

    Unfortunately with Give as you Live being UK based we are optimised for UK purchases only, we can not guarantee that any purchases made outside the UK will be eligible for a donation.

    Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

    Kind Regards,


    So unless you’ve got friends in UK don’t think it will work.

  • Thank you....great idea for the UK folks😊

  • I have signed up to it so now need to buy something so I know it works. What no Majestic ? It's my favourite 🥂

  • Sure you can find some good wines on Waitrose!

  • Waitrose had a really good deal on my favourite but by the time I signed on they had run out. They clearly don't appreciate that I shouldn't be upset like this, it's hindering my recovery.

  • Absolutely🍷

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