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More seizures!!

Hi all thought i would bring you up to date as not posted for a while. After having a seizure in feb I was told it could be a one off, no such luck as had another in june again at night and almost the same time as before! They kept me in hospital for a few days so I could see the Neurologist, bit of a waste of time as very brief, he said he would arrange an MRI and then an appointment to see him at his clinic and I am taking Levitiracetam daily. I have an appointment for 19 oct. I had another seizure last week so have had three now with still no explanation! Also I am still reducing my pred dose and was down to 9 using the DSNS method but have been suffering from pains in hips and thighs so went back to 10 but think I may need more! Waiting for Rhumy appointment in oct or nov! Sorry to go on but find this forum very helpful and usually read it daily. Hope all are keeping well. All the best Jenny

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That's a bit of a pain. Haven't they arranged an EEG yet? Hope you get some answers soon.

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No EEG yet maybe will get sorted when see Neurologist!!!


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