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Hip pain

Before I see my GP I would like the opinion of the very clever and supportive people on this site. I was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago with PMR and successfully reduced prednisolone to 3.5mg until July when I increased to 4.5 after feeling symptoms starting to return. That seemed to sort the problem until about a month ago when my right hip started to hurt when I walked. It has gradually got worse and now I am hobbling. It's only slightly uncomfortable at night and when resting. My gut feeling is that it's not PMR. I'm hoping it's not osteo arthritis. I'm 57 and don't have any other health problems.

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An obvious answer would be trochanteric bursitis (or whatever they call it these days!). It is common with PMR and would account for the one-sidedness. Does it hurt more if you try to lie on it? Especially on a hard surface?

I thought it might be OA - but it wasn't. Steroid injections dealt with it in very short order.

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Just had a lie down on the floor and, yes it does hurt.



Personally I would see your doctor who should be able through examining your hip be able to tell whether it is your hip bone joint. Also if you can get your GP to send you for an X-ray of both hips they can tell what space there is in the joint.

I eventually had to go private for a consultation as my then GP assured me in the August last year that I didn't need a hip replacement. By the 1 st of November I had my hip replaced. I was literally walking bone on bone. Very painful!

The operation was a great success.

Good luck.

P.s. A good physiotherapist should also be able to check it too.


My OA in my hip got worse soon as I went on steroids. Have an X-ray just to rule it out?

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Yes or maybe a MRI


As the others say have the hip checked out. It does not sound like PMR. If the doctor is any good they should be able to diagnose any problems by moving the hip about and an X-ray would confirm it.


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