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Pain across upper back

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I was diagnosed with PMR in December 2016. Started on 20mg and have managed to taper down to 6mg. However, for quite a number of months I have experienced what I think is muscular pain across my back (it can move around slightly). However, of concern is when I sneeze I find the pain intensifies. I am concerned that this may be a side effect of either Alendronic Acid/Lansoprazole/Prednisolone.

Does anyone else experience same?

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I noticed your are taking AA, can I ask why? Have you had a Dexa Scan to see what your bone density is?

Same question for Lansoprazole? Do you suffer from acid reflux?

Or are the both, what I call 'just in case' ?

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Many of us have back pain like that - usually due to tight muscles. When you sneeze or cough those muscles are made to tighten even more and it hurts.

It is often due to myofascial pain syndrome and that is often found alongside PMR - it is caused by the same inflammatory substances except they are concentrated in hard knots of muscle fibres while in PMR they are systemic. I have had steroid shots into the trigger point area - they form in pairs alongside the spine in the shoulder muscles, about rib level and in the lower back. They cause the muscles to tighten and any extra strain on them makes them hurt. I have also had manual mobilisation of these trigger points and surrounding muscles done by a physiotherapist at the local hospital (I live in Germanic northern Italy, they are very "in" to physical therapies), a therapeutic massage therapist is also ideal. You often feel worse before you feel better - the therapy releases the inflammatory substances into the system and you may feel a bit like you are having a flare. It soon goes.

I also found that Bowen therapy helped me a lot with this sort of problem in the 5 years I had of PMR without pred. Others will agree.

I echo all the stuff PMRPro said!

I found relief from some topical rubs, hot bath soaks, massage, and tiny amounts of muscle relaxer (from my doc).

About 3 years into my PMR journey, I discovered that my back pain was not PMR at all, but arthritis!

an MRI showed arthritis in my spine, which shed new light on alternative treatments. I am now fairly pain free, using celocoxib, an anti-inflammatory.

Kind Regards, Jerri

I get that pain when I sneeze. Instead of covering my mouth I grab my chest! Sometimes it's worse than others. I was told it was a muscle spasm and the tightness is caused by rounding my shoulders and keeping them up from their natural position. If I remember to watch my posture and do a stretch I was shown, it gets better. I am also prone to myofacial pain and see a therapeutic massage therapist for help. Of course when it's better I forget to do my stretch/watch my posture and then it's worse again...

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