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Hi all was diagnosed with PMR 6 years ago don't think I still have it am down to 4 mg pred not in any pain main problem is tiredness. I know that adrenals take time to catch up but I wish they would hurry up. Last time I saw rheumy he told me to reduce preds at half a mg every 2 months which I have done I am due another reduction imminentley. I am so tired all the time I don't really want to reduce because that makes it worse.

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Oh dear, so near and yet so far!

From my experience, would still say it the old adrenals dragging their heels. My fatigue suddenly lifted when I was down to 3mg after a very long and slow taper from 6mg when it started. So stick with it. I know the fatigue is debilitating at times.

Have you requested a Synacthen Test to check if your adrenal glands are actually capable of working. It doesn't prove they are working, just if they are capable, but it might give some hope that it's just a matter of time, and nothing more serious.

Take care.


Read 'The Spoon Theory' it is worth taking the time, it deals with fatigue.


All the fatigue lessons in one place:


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