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Took steroids, no improvement, so told no PMR

Hi, I wrote a couple of weeks ago as a newbie. I had some great advice and support from this site and I would like to thank everyone who responded to me. I was very frightened of taking corticosteroids but, through your encouragement, I took the one week supply to identify whether or not I had PMR. The outcome is that I have not had any improvement in symptoms so my GP now thinks I do not have PMR. I went to see the endocrinologist on the last day of steroids and he too said I do not have PMR and I am pursuing my hypothryoid and other symptoms through the endocrinologist. My CPR was raised to level 8 so there is some inflation going on. If the endo gets me better I will let you all know so that if there is anyone else with thyroid problems with aches and pains they know to persevere. I went private, got an appointment within two weeks, and I am hoping he will get me sorted - it will be worth every penny. Many sincere thanks, and even though I am not PMR I will from time to time read the site to see how you are all doing. Best wishes mmer..... on the otherhand PMR might still raise itself and, if it does, I will have the confidence to face it

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Well some good news - hope you do get some resolution to your thyroid problem soon.

Take care.



I have PMR and underactive thyroid

Had thyroid problem for 13 years before PMR

Request vitamins are tested as well

Also request copies of blood test as oven we are told their fine when they are at the bottom end of ok .

Good Luck


Hi mmer8625,

Well I'm glad for you that it's not PMR but it is something. I have Graves Disease alongside PMR another autoimmune disease. I barely think about my thyroid disease now, I've had it since 1984 and had radio- iodine treatment and am consequently on Thyroxine for life. It would be interesting to know what is causing your PMR type symptoms. Are your vit D levels ok? Deficiency in vit D can cause similar symptoms I believe.

My response to Prednisalone was undeniably dramatic and within 48 hours. I hope you find out soon and that it is easily treatable.

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I did not feel relief from Prednisone until day 10 then it was like magic...completely took pain and stiffness away in neck, shoulders and hips. I went from lifting my legs into the car to almost jumping into the car. My presentation as far as labs go was atypical as well, my blood work was normal. I hope you get a diagnosis soon then you can move forward.

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