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Weird flare

I have had PMR for a few years now and have slowly worked down to 2mg a day of predisolone while feeling well. Last Friday l twisted my ankle and yesterday twisted it again. Yes l am an idiot. Last night when l went to bed it hurt and as the night went on then pain got worse and all of a sudden my whole body was in pain as it was when l was diagnosed and before steroids, this lasted most of the night and then just disappeared as fast as it came. In the morning l doubled my dose to 4mg as previously advised by my GP. I was wondering if this was a common thing to happen.

Many thanks for any replies.

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if clearing a room of rubbish can put me on my back at 13mg...I am sure that two injuries can make your body have a little scream at you. I did take 1mg extra and basically went to bed for a day. I wouldn't know the technicalities of it all but know that when I fell pre dx PMR was an unhappy buddy for a while.


Lots of people have experienced a flare in symptoms if they have an injury, even just a tumble, or an infection. Even emotional stress. PMR and stress of any sort do not make good bedfellows!

Add to that the fact that your adrenal glands are still being a bit reluctant - and they won't necessarily respond well to a shock, even minor ones.

A day or two minimising the possibility of a third twist looks called for!!!


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