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Shoulder and back pain

Hi Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences with PMR. I have found it very helpful in understand the disease.

I started with PMR after an operation on torn tendons in my shoulder in February 2016. I am now down to 1 1/2 mgs of prednisalone . I'm feeling reasonably energetic(thank goodness) but I am having problems with pain in my shoulder/ neck (the one that was operated on) and also with my lower back on the same side. It is particularly bad first thing in the morning and generally eases somewhat throughout the day, recurring if I get too tired.

Has anyone any suggestions? I wondered if it is myofascial pain or could it just be weak spots that are lurking ? I don't think it's PMR , it's only on one side and it feels different.

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Hi Feddie,

You've got low very quickly, so would guess your PMR is still active, and although it doesn't sound as if it's that, just be aware that it could trigger it to surface again.

Could well be MPS, so a visit to physio or Bowen therapist might help, just make sure they are aware of the underlying PMR.

Plus of course, on very low doses of Pred, you do get pain surfacing that higher doses have masked over the preceding months.

Do painkillers help? If so, then it's not PMR.



Yes painkillers do help, I think I'll have to get someone to try and sort me out, I hate waking up every morning and feeling grotty!


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Sounds like myofascial pain syndrome could be worth considering. Or just spasmed back muscles. You have my sympathy - mine is kicking back at present too!


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