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The elusive zero


Hi everyone, Have now reached my 4th anniversary of PMR.Pred worked well for me and have always reduced carefully using the DS method. However for the past 12 months as I get below 1mg, back comes the recognisable PMR upper arm pain and stiffness. I find it hard to believe a mere 1mg could possibly have any effect and sometimes wonder if I have become mentally dependent ! However the last GP consulted, told me some people never get below 1mg. It was actually nice for the first time to see a GP who seemed to have some experience of the condition! Like many surgeries mine has constantly changing docs, difficult to see the same one twice and I have really been left to self manage, ordering prescriptions online. Of course this forum has been invaluable to that management. Thank you all. I am not unduly worried at the prospect of remaining on this minimal dose forever but it is frustrating to be so close..........

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You may find it difficult to believe that 1mg has an effect - there are plenty of people who will tell you it does! Not least the ones who got off it on exactly that grounds - and within weeks had a decent flare developing!

And as you have found - there are some doctors who think so too!

What s the DS method. 🙄

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Dead slow nearly stop ,I'm going for it and seems, ok ,learnt from here , on 8 at the moment . Greek thick yogurt about 5 am with prednisolone. Woozy sometimes, will be very happy to get to 5 . Thanks to everyone .

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