Should we start a 'Celebrating the Positives Only' post?

Hi All

I only joined this community a couple of days ago and have to say am overwhelmed with the support already received. πŸ˜„ Thank you.

Reading many more posts over the last few days it is easy to see how depression can take a hold.

I am a strong believer of mind over matter, that emotional well being can influence greatly physical well being. Equally I can completely understand the need for us to indulge in 'woe is me' on the particularly bad days. However the danger could be to overindulge and allow our condition to take control over us. So in my mind 'balance' needs to be achieved to avoid depression getting a hold. Plus my Mum always advocated laughter as being the best of tonics! Certainly when I read positive and / or witty comments in posts it causes me to smile, chuckle and to feel inspired even when I am feeling a bit low.

I can see the value in having a 'to do' wish list of longer term goals so that we aim high and look forwards to the light at the end of the tunnel; but a long term wish list can also have the adverse effect of making one feel defeated and deflated if there are knock backs on the way such as when trying to decrease meds, doing well and finding yourself at square one again. This must be so demoralising and hard to pick yourself up again.

So I wondered whether there would be any value in having a post that purely focuses on celebrating the very small positives steps based on day to day living, with no negatives allowed, or long explanations.The criteria for reply posts being simply 'What I did today that I couldn't do yesterday.' There would be no compulsion for members to post written replies, instead members could opt to 'like' instead. A simple 'like' popping up on notifications would tell us that someone in our community, who is 'qualified through membership' and has some understanding of just how much this small accomplishment means to each individual, is celebrating with us.

By focusing on what I can do today that I couldn't do yesterday and,only posting a reply when today is better than yesterday in some small way, the starting point will fluctuate along with our condition but the starting point will always be lower than our celebratory point of today.

I will list a few of my today statements from the past couple of days to test the ground and perhaps get the ball rolling.

Here goes...........

Today.....I was kind to myself. Following sound advice from DorsetLady re accepting help, taking it easy and being realistic - I arranged a cleaner to come once a month to do the bits I cannot do at the moment. Here's looking forward to having a clean house again!

Today I.......Put my t shirt on all by myself, in record time (for me) without tying myself in knots! And I put my own shoes on! How cool is that!!!!

Today I....... had the incentive and energy to take a well over due shower, gaining much approval from family members who share my space!!!!!

Today I ..... Walked up three steps pretty normally front ways, rather than side stepping conserving energy levels!

Today I ....... had another shower!! For the first time in ages, quite involuntarily and without thought, I washed my feet by bending my knee and raising my foot! I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat when I realised what was happening - so perhaps I can even count this as being able to multi- task again????????

Today I.......fully resumed my full exercise regime, a gentle walk with the dogs!!! ( Not so gentle really as I am laughing fodder for neighbours since my dogs are renowned for taking me for a walk, rather than the other way round. ) This 'exercise', whatever way round, was only possible because I can, today, bend down to pick up their poo!!!

Today I.... Drove my car down the pretty country lanes locally enjoying the sun, flowers, views and wind in my hair for a full twenty minutes! What a sense of both freedom, gratitude and enjoyment. Oh the simple pleasures of life!!!!

So my friends....let's celebrate..........Over to you......What can you do today that you couldn't do yesterday???

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  • Hi Marilyn, I am so glad you are so positive. Keep it up. Unfortunately one of the side effects of pred can be depression and even personality change for some. My doctor did warn me about this and to tell friends that I might change. My sister said no one would notice!

  • See Piglette, that last statement has really made me chuckle! Your sister obviously has my kind of humour. Thanks for sharing.

    Fortunately Gemini's, a group I joined at birth, have often been described as a 'harem of women' wrapped in one body. So if effects of pred result in any personality changes, and my other half complains, I can always say we have another member join the 'harem'.πŸ‘„

  • I agree totally on the point about celebrating the positive - but after 8 years on pred and 13 years of PMR I can't really join in a discussion about what i can do today that I couldn't do yesterday!

  • Fair enough PMRpro. It won't be everyone's cup of tea. A shame though as it was your response ( along the lines of 'now there's a criterion for the success of pred - referring to my previous revelation and delight of picking up dogs poo and DorsettLady's equally witty response) that prompted the idea behind this post.

    Thought this post would just enable members a quick route to a smile and reminder that every small step counts towards eventual recovery, despite the setbacks.

    No offence meant, and I hope no offence taken.

  • I think you misunderstood the tone of my post - I achieved that stage about 8 years ago... :-)

    For me it would be more a decline into old age - what I can't do that I could last month ;-)

  • I did misunderstand so thanks for qualifying. πŸ‘

  • PMRpro, Well you help individuals on here in a unique and knowledgeable way and you make me laugh.🌻

  • Hi Marilyn, I really enjoyed your post. Particularly all the achievements that you have made as you climb out of the pit of PMR. I don't know how long you've been a member. I think it's about a year or so for me. In that time there have been a number of positive, uplifting and sometimes hilarious threads. They seem to happen quite spontaneously.

  • Hi SheffieldJane.

    I have only been a member for the past couple of weeks, but learnt so much already. I have never participated in any on line chat or forums before ( only ever used person to person emails), so a completely new experience for me.

    As I write that I have just thought of another backdated 'Today I have' statement for me

    Today I ............. Joined a welcoming, supportive, like minded community on line. I was able to ask questions, find answers and share some laughs.

    Spontaneous is good. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Marilyn I enjoyed your post too. I have found the positive stories really inspiring too! So I thought about what I did last week which was positive! So here goes! Recognising I think I have had a milder case I think than most!

    Last week I started the Blood Sugar Diet. I couldn't manage 800 calories a day and had to go higher but still lost 4.5 lbs in a week!

    I went on a 6 mile walk on Saturday and made it!

    I pumped up the tyres on my newly built bike and even though cocking my leg over the saddle was hard! I took it up and down the road for a test run.

    Today I am started the slow method of reducing to 8mgs of prednisolone.

    I am hoping I can keep this up but the fear of high cholesterol and the thought of another pill has driven me to try to do something:)

    I hope you are there for me if I do falter:)


  • Hi Julie - so much for you to celebrate this week. Thanks for sharing.

    As I was overweight pre PMR ( fat, happy and unperturbed at the time!) I will definitely have to take things more seriously by educating myself and thinking more about my diet. Your results have inspired me to pull my finger out and take a look at the Blood Sugar Diet. Let me know how this goes for you over time.

    I have to say though that I won't be trying a six mile walk any time soon as this distance is alien to my under exercised body, mind and soul. (Trying to avoid a coronary at this point in time! πŸ€•)

    Of course I'll be here. Anytime.

  • Ordered the diet books yesterday. Hopefully they will take a few days to arrive so that I can really pig out for a couple of days!!!!!!

  • Hi Julie, thought I'd touch base. How's the blood sugar diet going? I have the book and recipe book, but haven't started it yet. My excuse is that the impact of pred on inflammation has resulted in me 'losing weight! Hmmm? Well at least it has reduced the swelling which looks as though I have lost a bit of weight. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Hi Marilyn I couldn't manage 800 calories! But did loose 5 lbs then fell off wagon! I definitely feel better though without the sugar:) let me know how you do! The Pilates is going well swapped to a gentler class:) julie

  • How's the diet going Julie? I have the book but haven't taken the plunge yet.

  • Today I.......rode the pain and went to work leading singing activities with 400 children aged 6/7, including a group of severely disabled children from special school, parents, Nans and Grandads at the first of our infant music festivals this week. Physically exhausting, but hugely rewarding. The smiles on the children's faces, their excitement and enjoyment was a joy to behold!

  • Today put my socks on in less than 15minutes AND before lunch! Best of all got an unexpected phone call from my granddaughter (15) lots of laughs.

  • Today my miracle physiotherapist diagnosed my persistent shoulder problem and gave me some massage and then some light treatment. I left feeling somewhat beaten up, but several hours later all is much better!

  • And two days later.......?

  • Today I needed to pick up a towel I'd dropped on the floor, cannot reach it. What I need is longer arms.......BBQ tongs....cracked it. πŸ˜€

  • Obviously a determined solution finder CT. Thanks for sharing will invest in BBQ tongs. Any advancement on 15mins for socks since last post?

    (Question - Are your pred levels right???? Pred took me from this stage to tap dancing overnight. The downside of this remarkable recovery was hubby then wanted me to go a step further to tap dancing naked!!!!

  • Thanks Marilyn, have stopped wearing socks, far too warm. Not sure about pred levels as maybe strained my weak muscles (my predictive text said mind) will wait and see.

    Like the idea of being able to tap dance, but naked?

    All good wishes.

  • Yesterday I went to my GP and explained that I was having problems getting up the stairs at home :-(

    Looking rather confused, he reminded me that I live in a bungalow...

    So, problem SORTED! ;-) :-D

    Keep smiling all

    MB :-)

  • Brilliant! LOL.

  • After a day of serious recuperation necessitated by two days of previous over - exertion today I am ........ A lady of leisure, relaxing on the patio, boosting my vitamin D levels (GOOD) whilst enjoying the odd ice cream or seven!!! (BAD! Very very BAD!)

  • Sometimes the best way to feel good is to do something really BAD, like eating ice cream! Thanks, have just eaten ice cream and feel much better.


  • That's my girl Marilyn :-)

  • Today I received a form to renew my bus pass. The council now expects me to live beyond 2nd August, nice to know, was beginning to worry. πŸ˜€

  • Today, my GP told me I could enjoy a bit of H**ky P**ky at 60, if I want to.

    What does he know about know the lady at no. 60 that I don't..?! ;-) :-/ :-D

  • Hi CT. Just checking council predictions are on target as 2nd August is fast approaching?????? Also hoping that things are improving for you on a daily basis.

  • Just waiting hopefully for new bus 🚌 pass. Just recovering from a flare will go down more slowly now. Rhuemy was trying to get me down as pred was making my glaucoma worse but that has been sorted with different drops so all good at the moment. Keep smiling it makes people wonder what you have been up to. 😁

  • Today ( and no doubt the next few) I rest after working with 800 children over three days and evenings of spectacular music festivals. The highlight, a new commission written by the Royal Opera House especially for children of Thurrock. The song ( nine minutes duration), full of 'operatic ' style drama, included the children singing alongside a professional baritone singer. What a show stopper and memorable experience for children aged 7-11. The standing ovations at each performance says it all. FABULOUS!!!!

  • Today I unpacked new patio sofas brought in sale Friday, for therapeutic purposes. Am currently reducing from 15mgs to 10mgs on alternate days, so use of sofas will force me to relax on 10mg days! 😎😎😎❀️😎😎😎

  • Today I managed to find the on/off button on my iPad without going round all five sides. 😁

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