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To do or not to do?

Hi I have had Pmr for 6months down to 15mg and working well.

My consultant sent me for ultrasounds of my arm / shoulders 3 months ago , now she says that I have a lot of inflammation and impingement ? , she is saying I need and have an app for ultra sound guided injections to easy the pain. Problem is I have very little pain , I don't want to cancel app with them yet, but could the steroids I'm taking mask the pain? As I taper down will the pain return and I've missed the chance for treatment? My doc just says wait and see?

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The inflammation is almost certainly due to the PMR though if there is evidence of impingement that is something different. But why did she do u/s at that stage if you had no complaints of pain?

It is possible that as you reduce the pred the problem will increase and while it wouldn't be too late - it would mean you would have to wait again. If it were me I think I'd accept the injections if they are offering them.


Thanks she did a load of test , body scans ultra sounds , I did have pain in my arms at the beginning of treatment ,so as you say might as well have the injection , just in case


It is very possible that the pred is not masking the pain but helping you not hurt as much by reducing the inflammation. And if she is seeing inflammation then imagine how much there was before you started the pred. The problem is that as you taper down the pain will return and she may be doing the inject in anticipating that from happening. So I would have the injection. I have a bad back and was hoping for some relief from the pred but didn't get any until I had to take 50 mg for an illness that put me in the hospital. But now that I'm back to my regular PMR 12mg dosage my back is hurting a lot more.


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