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Is it still alendronic being the villain ?

After 2 operations a year apart to put pins in fractured femurs definitely a legacy of AA, I now have a vertebral fracture. The 1st was fantastic and I recovered quickly and successfully. The 2nd op was traumatic followed by dehydration , coffee ground vomiting (don't ask it is horrible) and a very painful lower back . So much so I am now reduced to using a wheel chair which I hate. My independence has gone. I see another orthopaedic surgeon in June and also a spinal specialist. But moral is very low. Why did the 2nd op have this effect? The only good news is that I can now weight bear on both legs but that is no consolation for the back pain.

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Different surgeon? There are so many different factors - not least, us!

So sorry to hear this - do hope things improve very soon.


So sorry Gillymar, please don't give up, we never know what is around the corner and sometimes it's really good!

All the blessings for your medical appointments. Please let us know how it all goes for you. No wonder your morale is low!


I hope you have access to some rehabilitation services, like physiotherapy and occupational therapy?


Thanks to all for your kind replies. I was feeling particularly frustrated yesterday following a morning spent trying to order euros from the bank for my son and daughter-in-law for their silver wedding anniversary present from the family, of a weekend away . All went well until I said my daughter would pick them up today .Impossible, I was told, I would have to go in myself. I have been with this branch for 50 years and both my daughter and I are well known to all the staff. Security dictates otherwise !! And she must take her passport !! If only I was back to driving again. Still I must be patient but I do not like being house-bound like this !!!

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