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Docs time

Can someone explain how 10mins to talk to your doc about your problems you have when you have complicated medical problems at least four of them ie kidney , a/f spinal stenosis and pmr and possibly vasculatis problem

I don't put blame on docs one little bit but it doesn't help patients as if there anything like me I will be worrying about the 10muns before I got there and therefore everything comes out wrong because I am trying to get into the time limit that is allowed

Any one else got same problem

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Make notes before you go. Most important subject first. Try and make your question to the point so you get a direct answer, not waffle.

If necessary ask for a double appointment - if that's possible!

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Yes I was told by someone you can ask for double appointment at the moment I'm ok because she is going to phone as I am having trouble getting back to her and being a bit complicated I think it helps if you have one doc who has some idea what's going on its not fair in the other doc he has to go through books to see what med I am allowed then I get guilty but reading on here I am getting better


Some GPs only have 8 min appointment

Ask for a double appointment


I sometimes make phone appointments which saves me time not having to visit the surgery and I seem to get more out of it as perhaps I am more relaxed.


I can email my questions/worries before my appointment. Then the doctor is prepared to answer when I get there or sometimes emails me back.


At our surgery you have to make an appointment for every condition you want to talk about, then they add all the time together for a longer appointment.


My surgery insists we ask for a double appointment to discuss more complicated issues.


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