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As you all are probably aware I have been on here over the last few weeks and have taken Dorset lady advice

What I am finding now is on highering dose from 8-15 the first day helped second day went back a bit 3day back to normal untill 5 hrs after taking steroids strange

This is where I have been naughty I have increased up to 18 and found such a difference today

Doc is phoning tomorrow so I will tell her what I have done I don't lie to her

What. Are anyone's opinion of this

I really don't know what it is like to be out of pain and to be able to walk outside. Thanks

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Hi Rusty,

Hopefully you have eventually found the right dose to sort things out. Your doctor may not be too pleased, but it's your pain, not hers!

If you stay at 18mg for a week or so, you may find you can go back down relatively easily, but don't be pressurised into reducing too quickly or if you have symptoms. There is no point in reducing too quickly, despite what others may tell you, if you are going to end up in the same position as you have been.

Not naughty, but taking control!

Good luck.


Thanks for input but blow me went to sort myself out with wash and clothes etc and back some of it came have you heard of this happening sat on bed no pain sore for awhile

I will leave it now and talc to doc when she phones up tommorow as I know whatever is going on gets easier in the afternoon oh I don't know but one must not give up

Thanks for putting up with the moans


No probs. All been there, and a good moan makes you feel better - mentally anyway!


Hi Dorset lady it's me again sorry but I have made a mistake it's next week doc is phoning up not this

As you know I am in so much pain and have been since November I know you are not allowed to say to much but do you think it will be ok to up them from 15-20 mg until I speak to her in 6 days

Also perhaps pro can help The only way any relief is to sit on bed going to loo and doing good is very very painful



Help again


We can't offer that sort of advice I'm afraid, that is the sort of thing to ask a doctor. Can you not get the call brought forward?


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