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Hello, I do wish I could get to the Cardiff meeting on Friday this week but it's a long way from where I live near Lampeter in Ceredigion, so I wondered if anyone else lives in West Wales and would like to or be able to get together some time.

I was diagnosed with PMR in January 2017 and I am getting loads of support and information from this forum, but I do feel it would be nice to be in touch with other more local sufferers of this life altering condition.

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  • Hope you get some responses, it does help to talk face to face.

    Have you tried looking for "people near you" on your profile page? Might give you an idea of how close they are, and you could always send a message.

  • Thank you, and yes I did look at the people nearest, but crow flying miles is very different when looking at Welsh locations.

    I don't want to put anybody on the spot by messaging them, but hopefully some will respond.

  • Yep, know all about crows in Dorset too!

    🤞you get some answers.

  • Want to try having two thousand metre high mountains in the way...

  • Alright! Always have to have the last word! Don't cha!

  • Sorry ;-)

    Last summer we were further south with the camper and left to come back here for an essential doctor's appointment in the afternoon. But the motorway and ordinary road back home were both closed due to accidents that had happened within a few minutes of each other. No way to get from one side to the other without adding over 2 hours to the normal time! No side roads at all.

    Diversions here can be INTERESTING!!

  • Yes certainly sound like it!

  • It's a tedious journey from Lampeter to Cardiff, I certainly wouldn't want to do it. However, I can send you an outline of what we discussed or chatted about, if you would like that. We are new group, this is only our third meeting but our numbers are growing steadily.

  • Thank you slewis, that would be great. I will find the strength to get to your meeting one day I hope. There is a direct bus service, believe it or not, so It's not impossible! Although I might not get back the same day!

    I hope your gathering on Friday goes well.


  • Hello Chrissie,

    Our meeting went well. I'll send you my report on it if you reply to my email

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