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New diagnosis

Well I have eventually managed to come off prednisolone completely. The PMR seems to have gone back into remission. I have however been getting other generalised pain for several months, on top of the PMR pain and that pain still remains. I got to see a rheumy for the first time last month and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in addition to PMR Apparently that can account for the brain fog I have been struggling with over the past few months where I can't even remember the name of an every day item during the course of a conversation. This is despite the stopping of the steroids. I had started to think that perhaps I was starting with dementia. Thankfully they think not. I just hope that it will correct itself when the fibro settles down

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Well done! But sorry about the fibro. Are you and they SURE it isn't PMR that wasn't been controlled by the reducing dose? I had brain fog with PMR - didn't need fibro! Or is the pain different?


the pain is different and generalised in joints as well as muscles. The distribution is not equal on both sides. There was no difference in the strength of pain while I was reducing and it has not increased since I have been off steroids, which is nearly 4 weeks now. Some of the pain sensations are like electric shocks emanating from the finger tip(s) and shooting right up into the neck.Also similar pain racing up my legs and into my groin. These are sudden and last no more then a minute at a time, but the pins and needles and deep leg pains are there all the time. According to the rheumy when he pressed across my finger joints at the palm level from index to little fingers the pain and tenderness I experienced is one of the indicative tests. According to an American site there are definite blood results that can confirm it. I had blood tests but don't know if that was one of them. I'll just have to see where we go from here.


I didn't know fibro involved joints. I get the electric shock sensations - but it is definitely associated with the PMR - but mine start at the solar plexus, radiate outwards and are followed by a sensation of heat all over, hot flushes I suppose.

This I assume:


I get it only in my hands and feet. If I try to grip anything that can trigger a shock sensation and like you I get the heat sensation, but it tends not to be all over. I can wake in the morning to one of my hands feeling as though I'm holding it in a fire or up against an extra hot surface. I also get the equivalent of hot flushes in my face. My body does seem to be constantly in a state of heightened sensitivity and I also get a nerve response in my hands, which is similar in feeling to hitting your funny bone


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