in a tizz!

Woe is me... I was so looking forward to meeting up with a group in Norwich today. Ill whole night, and internal problem today, prevent meeting up. Very disheartened, as have had to cancel in the past, because of ill-health. I just can't remember how to message privately. I want to apologise to the group organiser.

I was hoping to reduce from 3mg, tapering to zero, with the dead slow method, as the dosage has yo-yo-ed since October, with the 2 visits to hospital. Pred up, reduced, up again. I just don't feel well since the C. Diff in Feb.

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  • Hi karools16,

    Sorry to hear you're unwell - unfortunate there seems to be a lot of 24hr stomach problems going around at the moment. Sure you will get to a meeting in future.

    If you want to message, just go to "your" page, to get there just tap on your name in header on here above PMRGCA Banner.

    In meanwhile take it easy today, plenty of fluids and rest!

  • Thank you DorsetLady. It;s not a 24hr bug,I have. I was hospitalized, and in isolation for 5 days with the superbug C. Difficile..highly contagious. I am over the worst, but bowels still problematic. Thank you for the info for how to message. I sent 1 last week, and could not remember today.

    It looks a lovely day, outside, here in Norfolk.

  • Hi,

    Yes I know you were hospitalised earlier in year, thought last night was something different, didn't mean to trivialise it!

    Glorious day here in Dorset as well!

  • Didn't think that at all, dear DL.

  • Rain here in Waxahachie, TX - well needed.

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