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Re restless legs and glaucom

To Zebedee & Cobnut

I have had glaucoma for years and after initial laser treatment reducing the pressures from in the 20s to the teens now put in drops of lantropost ( not correct spelling sorry) every night no bother. Regular appointments at local hospital report getting on well.

Re restless legs. Again Insuffered for years unable to relax or sleep sometimes staying up all night . Spasms seemed to come from lower back and twitched every few seconds. New doctor prescribed ropinerole taken during the evening and result no more trouble.

Hope these comments help.

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Thank you Gillymar, for your comment. I am very reluctant to introduce any more medication in my life, so am hoping not to repeat the restless experience too often. Much as I am enjoying the Duracell bunny energy boost during the day, I have always used the nights to recharge my physical and emotional batteries, so I'm praying for a good nights sleep tonight.

I have been particularly intolerant to caffeine since the PMR started, even the small amount in a cup of regular tea makes me jittery. And my regular evening tipple of a small whisky with Pepsi max can no longer be described as medicinal.

This PMR is certainly taking some liberties with my life!!!


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