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pmr and beer


Not seen one post that mentions PMR and drinking beer or spirits,as one that likes a tipple or four every evening and have done so for 45 years every night yes every night,have found that pred has spoiled the taste of my guinness the black stuff for those from another planet.Is this devine intervention and should I stop drinking as I no longer look forward to my nightly treat and last night did not have a drink but did not sleep so well.

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When you stop drinking it takes a couple of weeks for body to settle down sleep will get back to normal in time

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I find I can't drink heavy red wine like I used to, but a lighter one is fine, as are other wines and spirits. Don't often drink much when on my own, but with my son for Christmas so have imbibed more than usual - with no ill effects. And no change in taste buds!


Like DL - can't drink heavy reds any more and am far pickier about my whites though having given up dry whites for a while I am back to them again.

I don't drink beer anyway although while in China I found theirs was OK when thirsty! Guiness has never appealed - but I, and a few others, do have the occasional other beverage such as a single malt, brandy or G&T...

Sadly, I have found I am not able to drink more than the occasional glass of wine without it affecting my PMR. I can have a small glass of wine and maybe get away with it for two nights in a row and be OK, but more than that and I see some regression with muscle aches and body stiffness 😞. Haven't tried beer, but as I am off wheat not sure it would be a good idea.

I managed to drink about three swallows of champagne before Christmas dinner, carefully surrounded by lots of water and some snacks, and it was the first alcohol that did not lead directly to a headache since starting pred 7 months ago.

I drink in moderation and still enjoy wine and cava. Doesn't seem to affect the PMR.

I don't drink during the week as trying to watch my weight

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