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Illness +PMR = ???

Hi! So Several weeks ago my doc stated I wasn't getting enough air to my lungs, it was decided to go with penicillin, as my sinuses were also inflamed. Well, now I have pleurisy, my question and complaint are that the pain is throughout my entire body. Muscles, joints, breathing, with having intensified symptoms I wanted to ask if this is normal? I've had pleurisy before, but not as full body or intense. Sleeping more (14hrs), and movement are so exhausting (had to stop going up 8 steps) grr.

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I think you may need some further investigations - none of that is "normal" in any way or form. It could be PMR that is worse becauase of the lung infection - but I'd be concerned it was something other than PMR. If you have only seen a GP - I think you need referring to hospital immediately.

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