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Positive Dr appt

Hi all

Well I have had a check up with Dr. re bloods, as bit high. But the blood test was done shortly after a reduction in preds. So after speaking with Dr she thought this was the reason , and as I have no flare/ pain at the moment.

So she now wants me to reduce down from 10.mg to 7mg. By end of April And have another blood test to see how things are going at the end of march . At present I have been going really slowly just .50mg at a time since December every 3-4 weeks with good results. I mentioned the DSNS that we do on here and the 1% reduction ,she agreed with that and suggested that I reduce

By the 1% and see how things go. She also is aware of The group and the work that Dr Gupta does. So I am feeling fairly positive about things. So will see how things go. My Dr does seems to be listening to me now and is keeping an eye on things which is very reassuring.


Just as an add on , I fractured my arm early December, but luckily it has made a very swift mend. I have had numerous friends and family asking, "how's your arm".? ......You guessed it no mention of " how's your PMR" ???? Ha ha xx

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That all sounds good. Apart from the broken arm - ouch! Glad to hear that's OK though.


Yes arm healed really quickly, even the Dr was amazed. Maybe it's the pred!! Who knows xx


I tore the collateral ligament in my knee - no pain as it was totalled! I had a brace on for 4 weeks day and night and it was already pretty stable. After another 4 weeks I was told to take the brace off. The cruciate ligament was also gone - but I can't feel any instability at all. The doctor was impressed at the result despite pred!


Wow that sounds awful, poor you, but at the same time quite incredible that you had no pain or instability, maybe there is hidden magic in this Pred. Or is it because we deal with so much random symptoms with PMR/GCA that any ,"what we call normal" injuries seem a piece of cake in comparison!!

Hope all is good for you x


.50mg sounds a sensible reduction every four weeks. If I am told they want me to reduce too much I just ignore them and carry on in a way I know works for me. It may coincide with what they want and it may not. When I first started I was not so aware and had a really rough time doing what the rheumie said.


Yes I agree with you on that, thanks to this site we can now make informed decisions.

So nice to know we are not struggling alone and have a voice that's now being heard at last xx


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