PMR and blood problems

Disappointing appointment. 😩 I like my Rheumy but he said he is super busy and has to go to a meeting a half hours drive away and he is stressed. So, not as relaxed a meeting as I had hoped. He did say my crp was good but my hemeoglobin was getting progressively low and he wanted me to be referred to a specialist. He is more than happy that I play around with my pred dosage as I feel comfortable with. So PMR and blood playing up too. Sure explains why I feel like I've got weights in my shoes. Out of breath.

Anyone else have blood problems as well as PMR?


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I have had a low haemoglobin for over 2 years despite taking iron. My haemoglobin is in the region of 10. My rheumatologist says it is the anaemia of chronic ill health. The first investigations are usually more sophisticated blood test that look at things like your total iron stores and platelet levels. You will probably also be checked for bleeding in your stomach and bowel.

I do think the fatigue with anemia and the PMR fatigue combined can be difficult to cope with.


Evidently, my iron levels are fine .... its other things that aren't. Platelets? It's all foreign to me. I was told it needs further investigation and I can't help with diet. When you get hit with fatigue from two different sides it does make life difficult. PMR is not a death sentence and I should be grateful for that. I suppose!


Platelets are the tiny while blood cells that make your blood clot properly:

Are yours high or low?


Yes I have cooleys anemia a mediteranean blood condition which plays very well with PMR so my blood is up and down constantly. I get blood work every month and have copies in a ledger so I can track myself. It wreaks havoc on life some days exhausted other days ok I just never know. I do take a host of vitamins to try and help the immune system. Best wishes to you its a long process. Sorry about the spelling


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