GCA and forgot meds

The day before yesterday I forgot my afternoon dose. I normally take 7 mg in the morning and 9 mg about 3pm. I normally get a reaction every time I reduce by 1 mg - feel really ill, usually the next day. I am amazed that so far I do not seem any worse. Do you think I have got away with it? Concerned as I have a journey to Norwich for a 25th Wedding anniversary party tomorrow. Was due another reduction tomorrow to 15 mg but think I will leave it until Sunday. What do you think?

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I'd definitely wait until after the party to reduce! And it does sound as if you have got away with forgetting the dose - but don't shout it from the rooftops!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Glad you got away with it, but definetly don't reduce until your home after the party & take some extra with you.

Enjoy 💐


Do you not take all the tablets together x I do but it does make my heart race so quickly x but I take mine when I get up during the night but to early in morning xx about 5 x then I can take my other tablets without them interfering too much c


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