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Need advice

I have posted for ages as I have been doing really well started on 20mg March 2014 now down to 4

My problem is I went to see a Skelton person last Thursday and I ended up with acute back pain I have never had pain like it (I thought I may have slipped a disk) I took co -codamol it has eased but is still very sore. I woke up this morning with the same acute pain in my knee so bad I can't walk on it. Could this be a flare if so as I am on 4 ml what should I go up to

I have an appointment to see the dr at 11.20 this morning

Many thanks

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Kay, it doesn't sound much like a flare, more like an injury. If you are someone who had raised markers of inflammation at diagnosis then I'm sure your GP will repeat those tests today just as an aid to what might be going on. If your back issue does turn out to be an injury, this could be having a knock-on effect on your knee. If you have a support girdle of any sort (a simple panti girdle will do) then do try using it for a couple of days. I have a chronic spinal injury and it always works for me within a couple of days. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


Poor you, see what GP says later. What do mean by a 'Skelton Person'? I'm not familiar with that term. 💐


No, doesn't sound like a flare to me either - more injury.

What's a Skelton person and what did they do?


I think that may be an orthopod


I'm going to see an Allergist as I think injested some toxin or spores during our massive flood in Oct, and have not returned yet and who knows Madie from Vancouver,B.C.


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