|Pain on right side of head

I visited my rheumy yesterday. I have been experiencing pains on the right side of my head. Sometimes a dull general ache on the right side, occasionally a sharp pain.

I told the rheumy what was happening. He said 'Don't know what that could be'.

I was not altogether surprised by his reaction. He has been quite dismissive on previous occasions - but also occasionally very attentive. Depends on the day.

Having been a member of this site for several years now, and having read many other reports, I worry about GCA.

Any thoughts?


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  • Very useful comment!

    From personal experience, I found GCA pain to be both sides of head, not just one. Have you done anything that could account for it, cricked your neck, bad shoulder, been in a draught. I know we're always likely to think about GCA, but sometimes it's something simple.

    Have you had any other symptoms PMR wise? If not, then think it's unlikely to be GCA, but you could monitor things, and if you get tender scalp and pains in jaw etc then take further advice. Until then, don't worry, just be aware of any changes.

  • Hi

    I suffer with GCA, but although the headache goes across my forehead, the intense pain is localised on my left temple ..... we are all different I guess. It is for me a relentless headache, it doesn't come and go it is there, and worse at night.

    Lets hope it isn't GCA, but don't be brushed off if you are concerned it is potentially too serious!

    Best wishes

  • Yes go back or go to A and E especially if you feel your eyes are not quite clear ..I had the same and was seen next day by consultant then eye clinic then biopsy a in two days .....IT IS IMPORTANT.....if your doc even googled it he would see why.my eye giy td me you can lose your sight permanently in 4 days once it starts...its called GCA and I was immediately put on 60mg steroids a day so dont be fobbed off see someone a s asap... I am not scaremongering this is your sight we are talking about....good luck x

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