One extra mg

I have taken an extra 1mg this morning. Have spent last day or 2 feeling achy and lacking in many spoons. Used too many spoons the other morning carrying laundry and hanging it and now I am regretting not getting help.

Have shopping to do today...not a lot, but thought I'd give myself a fighting chance and add in a little help. Not sure it's worked but was worth a try.

I am pacing myself, not getting overwhelmed with pre - Christmas stuff, but there IS stuff to do and prepare for. Am buying fresh veg today and will prepare, cook and freeze this week, so I can be more relaxed over the 2 days. Greatly reduced shopping list to keep expenses down am bored with the over spending and the greed. Even OH has said he doesn't really need a new bottle of Single Malt (the same OH who went shopping the other week and replaced his empty Ricard bottle with a 1.5 litre bottle!

Oops, better stop...I am stressing myself out :D

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  • Good idea to take extra, this time of year can be stressful even if you do your best to make it not so!

    Am cooking shortbread with grandkids this afternoon, but luckily I seem to have enough spoons at the moment. Apparently am being taken to the new Star Wars film tomorrow, so I might need them then. Not quite sure who my son of 45 is treating! Allegedly it me and the kids - not quite so sure though!

    Hope you have a goodly supply of spoons over Christmas 🎄

  • Enjoy your treat :D

    I got some spoons stress levels dropped once we got to the supermarket and I could advance my cunning plan. Shopping bought and put away. Will do some prep and freezing tomorrow or Weds and enjoy a slow, peaceful run up to the day.

    Joyeux Noel!

  • I must have missed something...what are 'spoons' please? x

  • A really useful way to understand an invisible illness.

  • Hi

    I too have a son in his 40 who has said over Xmas we will go to Cinema I don't even have to ask what to see.

    Take some Shortbread with you .

    Have fun

  • Just out of interest, if you raise your dose by 1 mg, can you then go straight back down to the previous dose? How long could you stay on an increased dose before needing to reduce slowly?

  • I took my normal dose this morning. I will possibly add another mg in on Boxing Day when I am cooking for 3 dogs! I am not planning to stay above my normal level, just get through the potentially stressful days of the festive season.

    I'll then get back on course to my next 1mg drop a week later and hope it's okay.

    Others will have more comprehensive answers.

  • Theoretically a couple of weeks wouldn't pose much problem if it is only 1mg - most people would do that in one anyway if they hadn't met the DSANS approach.

    Even a hefty extra dose for a few days shouldn't hurt to go back to the normal dose immediately - adding 5mg for example.

  • Thankyou PMRpro, that's very helpful.

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