Nagging discomfort along lower ribs

I cant believe how much i was struggling with the shimmering lines in my eyes, but had no idea/never asked if anyone here had them also. recent posts were very helpful for me.

Ok, so here is another problem i want to ask if others have. hard to explain though. along the bottom of my ribcage i have mostly constant pain/discomfort/burning sensation. its a line of pain that follows the curve of my lower ribs.

it gets worse after i eat, and i get some relief with belching & sometimes with baclofen medication. also tenderness if i press on either sides of my ribs. i have esophagael spasms & food sticks at my LES to the point where i cant talk or bend after eating or much discomfort. barium swallow shows some spasms, xray to look ar vascular was clear.

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  • It does sound like acid reflux to me. Although you have had a swallow done, as it showed some spasms it might be worth asking for a repeat. My hiatus hernia showed up waving to me on the imaging - in the worst possible place!

  • Thx, i do take a lot of antacids to manage the discomfort. i thought it might be costochondritis though also. i just had the bariumswallow less than 1 month ago. i haveto look at the report myself, buti seem to remember nurse tellingme i only had mild acid reflux. i wonder if they did these tests on a full stomach rather than after fasting, if they wouldnt bemore likely to target the problem(s)

  • Probably - but the answer to that is, small meals!

    Think I might plump for the costochondritis though.

  • I have exactly the same. I've had reflux for years and I'm sure the pred, adcal and alendronic acid has made it worse. My consultant has now stopped the alendronic acid, and I'm on Lanzaprozole daily and gaviscon after every meal. Small meals, nothing to eat after 7pm, and I sleep propped up. I still have the pain under the ribs on right hand side, but the heartburn is better. I'm hoping that as I reduce the pred the pain will disappear . I've also found that amytryptelene helps when it gets really bad.

  • If you have a history of reflux then while alendronic acid may not be directly contraindicated, special care is required in using it:

    "4.4 Special warnings and precautions for use

    Alendronic acid can cause local irritation of the upper gastro-intestinal mucosa. Because there is a potential for worsening of the underlying disease, caution should be used when alendronic acid tablet is given to patients with active upper gastro-intestinal problems, such as dysphagia, oesophageal disease, gastritis, duodenitis, ulcers or with a recent history (within the previous year) of major gastro-intestinal disease such as peptic ulcer, or active gastro-intestinal bleeding, or surgery of the upper gastro-intestinal tract other than pyloroplasty (see section 4.3). In patients with known Barrett's oesophagus, prescribers should consider the benefits and potential risks of alendronate on an individual patient basis.

    Oesophageal reactions (sometimes severe and requiring hospitalisation), such as oesophagitis, oesophageal ulcers and oesophageal erosions, rarely followed by oesophageal stricture or perforation, have been reported in patients receiving alendronic acid. Physicians should therefore be alert to any signs or symptoms signalling a possible oesophageal reaction and patients should be instructed to discontinue alendronic acid tablet and seek medical attention if they develop symptoms of oesophageal irritation such as dysphagia, pain on swallowing or retrosternal pain, new or worsening heartburn."

    Pred is no innocent either, I will grant you that. Taking it in the middle of meal is also considered to be helpful besides all the pills and potions.

  • What is allendronic acid? what does it treat?

  • Sorry - just seen this, you probably know it as Fosamax, used to prevent osteoporosis (it is claimed).

  • Yes, i looked it up at a later time.

  • Thx

  • I recently read about abdominal wall pain & entrapped anterior abdominal nerve ? this causes pain on the right side. What i read said it was very underdiagnosed, so may be good thing to bring up/rule out with your doctor.

    I've put up with thispain for many years, but now it sets off nerve pain, burning, sweating, in my upper spine & neck, so i am going to push to get an answer/resolution if possible. neurontin does help at least.

  • Thanks, PMRPro. My GP suggested taking AA by infusion, which is supposed to be better for reflux, but my consultant has decided to take me off it altogether since I've been on it for nearly 2 years. He's ordering a dexascan to check.

  • Sounds like a sensible consultant!

  • Absolutely! It is handy to have a baseline dexascan as well though - otherwise you don't know if there has been a good, bad or no change.

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