What to buy OH for Christmas

As Christmas is looming again I thought I'd tell you how to bring back that childhood feeling of the excitement at being faced with a pile of presents not knowing what you were about to unwrap. I don't know about anyone else but now that gifts are often requests rather than surprises Christmas has kind of lost its magic (or maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy). So for as little as £10 you too can recreate the magic.

Here's what you do:

Buy 10 items from Poundland and wrap each item individually and put in a large gift bag. You can pick any amount you like but we decided on £10 and in addition items needed to come from different categories e.g. toiletries, socks, confectionery, CDs, DVDs etc. It doesn't really matter - the sillier the better. We had great fun choosing and wrapping items and on Christmas morning it was like being 5 years old again.

However be careful on the amount you set - after doing this two years in a row 10 items started getting difficult so we dropped to £5 and still had fun.

Try it this year, it's priceless 😀

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  • What a lovely idea ShellyC23 🎄

  • Hi last year I met a lady scouring the beach. Their family had same system in place. That year it was to find items costing nothing. She was hoping to inspire art with a collection of lovely pebbles washed wood etc

  • We've done something like that for several years. We buy inexpensive dollar store type gifts, or you can regift, or even a choose something you don't use any more as long as it's in good shape (ex. a nice picture frame), nothing garbagey, but something useful, pretty, sentimental, tasty, funny, etc. ...,wrap them up and mix them up in a pile ....and then you get dice and decide on a number to throw....if you throw the number on your turn, you get to pick a present....the first person to pick has to choose from the unwrapped, but after that you can choose an unwrapped.....or....and this is where the fun really starts .....you can steal a gift from someone else.....this becomes quite a battle sometimes if there is one or two that everyone wants....(some have been known to try to hide a gift they like so it doesn't get stolen).....and you keep going until all the wrapped gifts are open....my older daughter was inspired by the episode of George's family celebrating Festivas on Seinfeld....


    p.s what does OH stand for in the subject line please....Pred brain 😜

  • Other Half 😀

  • Ohhhh....thank you....that means I completely misunderstood what was going on, I'm sorry lol


  • Thank you for asking, I've been puzzled by that acronym for months.

  • ...what's that saying....there are no stupid questions.....I always like to add....just stupid people 😂.....

  • We used to do this at work, we had a large staff, and we drew a name out of a hat and had to buy a present for them, maximum £10. We called it Secret Santa. great fun.

  • Ah but this is slightly different as you buy 10 gifts for £1 each to give a big pile of presents 🎁🎁🎁

  • We did a similar thing, after receiving some really naff presents one year we decided to have a competition and buy each other the naffest presents we could find, being a big family it was great fun choosing the winner. They do say laughter is he best medicine.

  • Ok....another stupid question....what would "naff" be?


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